The six brand new Toyata Hilux Pickups The six brand new Toyata Hilux Pickups

LAC Management presents six brand new Toyota- Hilux Pickups to its Transport Department

The Management of the Liberian Agricultural (LAC) on Friday, November 18, 2022 presented six brand new Toyota- Hilux Pickups to its Transport Department.

Welcoming guests during the presentation program, LAC’s Human Resource and Administration Manager, Harry M. Attoh, said, ‘‘As we assemble in fulfillment of Management’s promise to provide not only vehicles but brand new vehicles but more besides to appreciate, despite the difficult financial situation that the management is faced with is not only one, two neither three but six brand new vehicles.’’

Mr. Attoh averred that on like previous dedicatory programs, those vehicles were assigned specifically to drivers but now ‘‘you can see that the managers themselves will be driving these vehicles to perform their official duty’’.

The LAC’s Human Resource and Administration Manager stressed that driving a vehicle is significant for people in general because it provides status and the opportunity for personal control and independence.

‘‘Assigning each employee a specific vehicle that is theirs and theirs alone will show them that management believes they can be relied upon to do their job to the company's expectations. Sharing a vehicle with another employee can be difficult,’’ he pointed out.

He lamented that each person does things differently so there may be conflicts between drivers, saying knowing that the vehicle assigned will not have another driver encourages each employee to care for the vehicle as if it is their own and neglect is less likely.

‘‘We want to commend the acting General Manager, Mr. Naveen Madam to convey to the board and the General Manager for the fulfillment of their obligation,’’ Mr. Attoh added.

Making special statement at the ceremony, the acting General Manager/ Plantation Manager, Mr. Madam lauded the General Manager and the Financial Manager for making funds available for the purchase of the vehicles. He said the vehicles will be helpful for the job also caution the users to observe the safety protocols and maintain their vehicle well.

He also stressed that, ‘if you maintain your vehicle well not only it will give you long service, but it will also give you pleasure to sit inside and drive but also the occupants will be saved as well.’’

Mr. Madam cautioned the users the conduct the vehicle maintenance on time.

The three Associations on the LAC Plantation, the LAC Workers Union, Sub-Staff, and the LAC Staff Association were opportune to make remarks.

For LAWU, the Vice President, Philip Foko, commended the management and said that the management should try her conceivable best to provide a vehicle for their Union to enable them run the Union effectively.

Making remarks on behalf of the sub-staff Association, Wleh Flankin Jerbo, lauded the management for the purchasing of new vehicles and the Management should also provide motorcycles for the sub-staff Association.
Sylvester Dupley, Vice president of the Staff Association, applauded the management for meeting her obligation, asserting ‘‘that when everyone is efficient, you will get the yearning results’’.

For his part, the Internal Audit Manager, Eric Mulbah, commended everyone for the turnout and also cautioned the users to maintain the vehicles.
The keys of the vehicles were turned over to the acting General Manager/ Plantation Manager by Internal Audit Manager, Eric Mulbah while the same was done to the Transport Supervisor, Sabastian O. Jones, who later turned the keys over to the vehicles respective owners.

Meanwhile, Reverend Father Aidoo, Priest in-charge, St Joseph, the Worker’s Parish offered the dedicatory prayer for the vehicles.



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