Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, Jr., Political Leader and Standard Bearer of the ANC announcing his 2023 Team and speaking on current national issues Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, Jr., Political Leader and Standard Bearer of the ANC announcing his 2023 Team and speaking on current national issues

Cummings announces 2023 Team - speaks on current national issues Featured

The Political Leader and Standard Bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress(ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings, Jr., has announced what he called the initial Team Cummings 2023.

In a statement issued in Monrovia on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Mr. Cummings said, “I am honored to name the initial Team Cummings 2023’’ to include: Dr. Togar Gayewea McIntosh, Ambassador Lewis Garseedah Brown, Mr. George Gyude Wisner, Hon. H. Dan Morias, Hon. Jonathan Boye Charles Sogbie, Madam Julia Duncan-Cassell, Madam Mariama D. Sangare, Mr. Daniel Chea, Mr. Roland Siddiq Kamara, Atty. Lafayette Gould, Hon. Larry Nyanquoi, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and Emmanuel Yartoe.

The others are Aloysius Toe, Martin Saye Kollah, Madam Nicky Jah, Mr. William Moyes, Ma Kula Morris, Mr. Othelo Krayee, Rev. David Benito, Mr. Peter Nuyan, Mr. Chernor Jalloh, Mr. David Bajibo and Madam Queenyah Thomas Saturday.

The rest of the Team Cummings 2023 members are: Elder Rufus Saydee, Ms. Robell Gbeintor, Elder Jallah, Madam Carmena Abdallah, Ma Musu Sanoe, Mr. Chris Dossen, Rev. Josiah Kennedy, Mr. Rodney Wilson, Madam Wadei Powell, Mr. Momo Sambola, Atty. Lawrence Sua, Mr. Onesimus James, Madama Louise Duarto, Mr. Madela Geeplay, Madam Aumuo Ebanks, Madam Vivian Sendolo Norman, Madam Kebbeh Collins, Mr. Samuel Dean, Mr. Victor Saye and Mr. Jethro SK Harris.

Earlier, Mr. Cummings, who spoke on current national issues, said, ‘‘we meet today at a difficult time for our country. Scandals, criminal acts, poor judgments, and the lack of leadership are undermining our country’s international image and reputation, making it difficult to attract investors to our country.’’

The ANC Political Leader asserted that incompetence and the failure of leadership, beginning with President George Manneh Weah have resulted into shortage in the supply of rice, Liberia’s staple.

‘‘Warehouses are empty and rice cannot be found. Today, our market women are spending weeks, days, and nights sleeping in front of importers’ offices, hoping to buy food. Videos and pictures of our people jumping fences and fighting to get access to their most basic needs are heartbreaking and sad. Rice, our staple, has become unavailable and unaffordable. As we say, rice na wear coat suit. This is leading to the sharp increase in the prices of substitutes such as cassava, eddoes, plantain, fufu, etc. thereby worsening the hardships on our people, all across the country. The lack of accountability around the rice subsidy allotted, disbursed and received is a regular occurrence under this government,’’ the ANC Political Leader further asserted.

In the face of all of this, he averred that President Weah is partying with his Ministers as Liberians are scrambling to find food to eat, averring that the President has failed to even speak to the Liberian people and provide leadership during this crisis and that the truth is, the President does not care.

‘‘All of these only further testify that President Weah is misleading our country, destroying our important relationships, worsening the living condition of the Liberian people, and exposing our country and citizens to danger. In 5 years, President Weah has shown all of us that he is incompetent, irresponsible, and his lack of leadership makes him a danger to our country’s peace and security. We must rescue our country from the incapable hands of President Weah in 2023,’’ the fearless Liberian opposition politician accentuated.

He intoned: ‘‘To do that, we take an important step forward today. All across the rich diversities of our nation, a growing number of our fellow Liberians are embracing our message of real change. I am grateful to everyone who continue to believe that although it is difficult, real change is possible in our country. History tells us that too often, change does not begin with a crowd. It begins with a committed few - a few that are like-minded and committed to make the required sacrifices by putting in the work to change the circumstances of their country. Too often, when a committed few enjoin their efforts, and are willing to put interests of country over interests of self or political party, change happens - the course of a nation gets reset, and people lives improve for the better.’’

Mr. Cummings added: ‘‘Today, we stand on that historic truth to name the first few of our Real Change Team. These Liberians reflect not just a rich pool of talents but also the rich diversity that is Liberia’s. Our hope is that Liberians everywhere will see themselves in this Team. One of the Real Changes we seek is that we will no longer only represent some Liberians, because in the united Liberia we seek, no one must be left out or left behind. Liberia belongs to all Liberians. Our differences in religion, gender, tribe and political parties ought not to divide but unite us in building a better, prosperous and just Liberia.’’

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings, among other things, used the opportunity also reassure all Liberians that they will work with everyone for real change beyond tribes, religion, gender and political parties.


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