Mr. Elton Datee Johns Mr. Elton Datee Johns

‘Our quest is economic and business prosperity’ -Bukonjadeh’s CEO Johns asserts

One of the Liberia’s Premier micro-finance loan enterprises, the Bukonjadeh Group of Companies, through its Chief Executive officer (CEO), Elton Datee Johns, has said successful overall national development in terms of business and economic gains is squarely contingent upon genuine peace and stability in Liberia.

Mr. Johns believes that as Liberians and all within the territorial confines of Liberia celebrated the festive Independence Day celebration, all Liberians must bury their individual and collective differences and forge ahead for a lasting peace. “This is the only country we have, as such, we must cherish it and protect it (Liberia),” Johns urged.

The Bukonjadeh’s CEO assured its many trusted customers Liberian businesses will triumph provided if both managements of business entities and their respective customers strive for transparency, accountability and trustworthiness by paying back what they have been loaned from these business institutions.


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