Robertsport Mayor appeals for urgent action to curb Sea Erosion

Robertsport Mayor appeals for urgent action to curb Sea Erosion

About four days ago, a number of residents of Kru Town Community in the City were rendered homeless after the Atlantic Ocean overflowed its banks and caused serious flooding in the community.

 The situation led to the displacement of several hundred residents, the majority of whom are still living away from home, with women and children making up a huge number of the victims.

In an interview with the Liberia News Agency(LINA), City Mayor J. Edwin Korha stressed the need for an urgent solution so that residents and their homes can be saved from further danger.
According to the Mayor, currently, the flooding has stabilized but there still lies a serious threat of its reoccurrence, noting that nothing has been done to stop the ocean from overflowing its banks.
“We are currently living in fear because our citizens have nowhere to go and the water can come back at any time,” the Robertsport City Mayor lamented.

“We need a solution to be found before August when the rain will be very serious because July has already given us a warning,’’ he added.
“So we call on the Public Works Ministry and other relevant government agencies, including the National Disaster Management Agency, to intervene to avoid further damage of the City,” Mayor Korha appealed.
Also speaking to the Liberia News Agency, a community leader of Kru Town Community, Augustine Philips, added to the appeal made by the Mayor, calling on the National Disaster Management Agency to help those that were displaced by the flood.

According to Philips, the residents are urgently in need of zinc, nails, and other building materials to recondition their homes.
He also disclosed that some residents are still unable to get back home as a result of the devastating damage caused by the erosion from the Atlantic Ocean.

Philips is, therefore, appealed g to the national government to intervene to prevent the sea erosion again.
“We know that is possible because we have seen a similar thing being done in New Kru Town where they blocked the ocean; we know it is expensive but it can be done for the safety of the citizens,” Philips appealed to the government.

''We pray that the Government listens to our cry so that it can help us prevent this from happening again because our current condition is very sad; it reminds me of wartime,’’ he added.
The Kru Town Community sea erosion, which occurred last week, affected over 70 homes hosting over 300 residents.
Currently, some victims are still seeking shelter in the homes of relatives across the city due to the damage the flooding caused their homes.




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