Secretary of the Liberian Senate Mr. J.  Nanborlor Singbeh, Sr Secretary of the Liberian Senate Mr. J.  Nanborlor Singbeh, Sr

Religious Tolerance is healthy  …Senate Secretary Singbeh tells Muslims Featured


 The  Secretary of the Liberian Senate, J. Nanborlor Singbeh, Sr.,  says  religious tolerance is vital for the sustenance of peace in the country.

 The Senate Secretary said if the country should survive as a nation in fostering growth and development, there is a need for Muslims and Christians to co-exist as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, etc.

 The Secretary of Senate was speaking recently when he accepted an invitation to attend   a program marking the climax of the Holy Month of Ramadan (Ed Fidri) at the Kesselly Boulevard Mosque in Gardnersville. He also admonished Muslins to continue their prayers for the Country and its leadership.

He maintained that although he is a Christian he will always identify with all religions including Muslim for the Survival of the nation and its people.

The Senate Secretary,  who is also a resident of the Kesselly Boulevard Community,  called upon  the Islamic community to feel free to always call upon him, noting that he will give the mosque his relentless support.

He used the occasion to donate   over fifty thousand Liberian dollars to the Muslims Jamaat of the mosque to take care of some expenditures including   electricity bills.

Flowing a special prayer in honor of Mr. Singbeh, the Chief Imam of the Mosque, thanked him for his numerous contributions not only to the Islamic community but to humanity at large.

In his supplication, Chief Imam Tulay asked Allah to shower his endless blessings upon him and term his contributions   as support not only to the Kesselly Boulevard Mosque, but to the Islamic Religion as a whole.

For his Part, Deputy Imam, Varney Kamara,  said he was not surprise for the donation from the Senate Secretary because he has known   Mr. Singbeh for too long dating as far back as the days of the Late Senate Pro Tempore, former  Lofa County Senator, Keikura Bayon Kpoto. 

Madam Finda Kromah,  who is the ChairLady of the women in the Mosque, also commended Mr. Singbeh and delegation including, Mr. Alfred Johnson, Director of the Senate Press & Public Affairs for the contribution and called other Christians to follow suit.



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