President Dr. George Manneh Weah President Dr. George Manneh Weah

Liberians Praised for Confidence Reposed in President Weah

Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie has praised Liberians for the level confidence reposed in President George Manneh Weah to continue his good works to improve the living condition of the ordinary people in Liberia.

"We like to thank Liberians for continuing to have confidence in the stewardship and leadership of His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah who has ably steered the affairs of the nation over the last three plus years," Minister Rennie said.
He added that the government under the administration of President Weah is for the ordinary people and it will do everything possible to ensure the confidence reposed in the presidency is justified and maintained.
Speaking in Monrovia at a Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and tourism(MICAT) special press briefing recently, the MICAT boss indicated that President Weah is a true manifestation and epitome of a group of young Liberians who has risen from nothing to something in the history of Liberia.
He stressed that Dr. Weah has come to represent the people at the level of the presidency, providing the needs of the ordinary people in order to alleviate poverty from their lives.
He said that today, Liberians have seen the true essence in trusting the Liberian leader, who came from a slum community and arose to the highest seat in government that is making significant impact since ascendency as president.
According to Minister Rennie, on October 1 (Weah’s natal day), Liberians from all walks of the society irrespective of political affiliation, were seen in their numbers at various street corners, private and public places, wishing the President "Happy Birthday" and cautioning him to continue to work in the interest of the Liberian people.
"So, we would like to thank Liberians for their continued support and birthday greetings expressed on October 1 and it was a significant moment in the stewardship of the country for the last three years,” Minister Rennie observed.
The MICAT boss commended Liberians from across the 15 political subdivisions and even in the Diaspora who had the opportunity to come to Monrovia and gave their gratitude and greetings on the president’s birthday for the level of development that his administration has undertaken in the first three years of his first term.
"I like to thank all Liberians for giving the confidence that will make him re-energized to work for the betterment of the common people in Liberia," Minister Rennie noted.
Meanwhile, Minister Rennie called on Liberians to avoid hate messages against the Republic of Liberia because it does not send a good image for people of Liberia and also undermines government’s good relationship with other partners out of the country.
He mentioned that Liberians can talk all the politics, but they should be cognizant of statements that will demonize the country to the outside world and pretend that they love the country.
Minister Rennie wondered why should Liberians wake up in the morning and begin to say and write things that have the proclivity to undermine development and progress made so far in the country, and yet they want to see someone who is a non-citizen come to help the country.
He also cautioned Liberians to exhibit patriotism and avoid hate messages against their country.
“Today, it is President Weah but tomorrow it might be another person, because if Liberians continue to demonize the country, in the name of hate against this government, they should be aware that whatever the result, it will definitely affect the larger public negatively,” he said.  
He indicated that everybody has a role to play for the betterment of Liberia, but if there are things that are wrong, you can say them and they will be settled without using hate messages that will demonize the country and undermine government's progress.
Minister Rennie added: “Because your hate messages are not only to President Weah but all so the commonality of the population.”

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