Renewing Our Calls to GSA Authorities

It appears that our incessant calls to authorities of the General Service Agency (GSA) regarding the Government of Liberia (GoL) Regulation against the mismanagement of public properties have fallen on deaf ears.

Despite our multiplying admonitions via our editorials, the mismanagement of public properties, mainly vehicles and other valued asserts by some public officials and personnel continues unabated with no action being taken by authorities of the GSA to halt the unwarranted act.

The GSA, as you may be aware, is charged with the responsibilities of enforcing this important Public Regulation, which has to do with the safeguarding of public vehicles and other treasured public assets.

We believe that public vehicles and other assets would be well maintained and would last longer once the Regulation on their upkeep is enforced to the letter.

It is common to see public vehicles plying the streets during non-working hours in blatant violation of the Regulation concerning the safeguarding of these assets.

Frankly, in all conscience, it is indefensible for public officials or personnel of any government ministry or agency to use public vehicles at non-government function, especially during non-working hours.

Against this backdrop, we want to once again draw the attention of the GSA through its fearless and hardworking Director General, Madam Mary T. Broh, to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that government’s vehicles and other valuable assets are well maintained at all times.

The Regulation against the mishandling of public vehicles and other assets, we urge authorities of the GSA, must be executed without boundary.

Ensuring adherence to the rule of law is a way of strengthening a progressive society where every citizen can benefit from the meager resources available.

Moreover, the formula for building a vibrant nation is to simply enforce rules and regulations governing that nation.

It is our f hope that authorities of the GSA will take due to note and enforce this important Regulation to the letter for the betterment of the Liberian nation and people.


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