A view of the Grave that was broken into by “criminals” in Harper City, Maryland County A view of the Grave that was broken into by “criminals” in Harper City, Maryland County

In Harper City, Maryland County “Criminals” Break into Grave - Residents Express Fear

HARPER CITY, LIBERIA -Residents of Harper City, Maryland County have called for maximum security protection at various cemeteries in the county.

The latest call, according to the locals, is among other things, intended to avoid criminals from using said area as hideouts including carrying out other criminal activities in the area. It can be recalled that early Sunday morning, August 8, 2021, the residents of Harper for the first time and to their dismay saw one of the newly constructed graves in which the remains of the late Ma Mary Nugba were laid to rest broken into by unknown people, who the residents believed, are criminals. Even though and fortunately for them, the casket was not removed, unlike the roses, the family members of the deceased, including Marylanders expressed regret over the shocking situation.

The situation, they warned, has the propensity to tarnish the good reputation of the county, which it has strived to protect, and therefore, called on the local authorities to address it. Among other things, they called for the construction of a fence for the facility including electrifying it as well as providing assigned security personal, which they believe, will help the situation. Meanwhile, a son of the deceased, Patrick Nugba, has condemned the incident, describing it as “evil and criminal”.

" What do they want, my mother was just on August 8, 2021 buried and this morning, August 9, 2021, came back to do the last plastering of the grave but to find out that one side of the grave was broken into by unknown guys. Thank God that they did not carry my mother's dead body or put remains outside of the grave, this is a lesson for the city corporation to protect this cemetery at all times,” Mr. Nugba asserted. On the other hand, the residents of Harper have urged the city authority headed by Blessing H. Tweh to see the situation as alarming with the focus of addressing it as a County Emergency.

In a bid to address the issue, the unhappy residents of Harper City also recommended collective approach from all parties involved to ensure practical measures are put into place to remedy the unwholesome act by criminals in the county.


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