In Wein Town, Montserrado County Commerce Ministry Dumps Five Trucks Loads of Rotten Rice 

In Wein Town, Montserrado County Commerce Ministry Dumps Five Trucks Loads of Rotten Rice 

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -Leading a team of Commerce inspectors to dispose of contaminated rice at the Wein Town dumping site on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 was the Inspector General at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Madam Josephine Davis.

The robust exercise saw five loads of trucks containing rotten rice taken away from stores and shops in and around Monrovia and subsequently dumped at the designated disposal site. “We must ensure that the lives of our people are safe from unwholesome products on the market," Inspector General Davis emphasized, while ushering the rotten rice to be disposed of. Madam  Davis, speaking to reporters, pointed out that their latest move came following an  observation from one of the wholesale Rice dealers in the country. Founi Incorporated, who noticed that one of their vessels which recently birthed at the National Port Authority, had contaminated rice on board something she noted immediately grab the attention of her office to take prompt action haven noticed the general risks to the consuming population of the Country.

Even though it is still unclear whether it was only contaminated rice on board the vessels, what still remains unanswered as whether said situation is the first of its kind including if any action and or fine will be imposed on the company to serve as a deterrent to would be companies who may want to smuggle bad and unsafe products on the local Liberian market. Meanwhile, Founi Brothers Corporation operating in Liberia for several years now is noted for, among other things, as direct importers and wholesalers of regular goods including basic food and nonfood products on the local market.


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