A view of Grand Gedeh County A view of Grand Gedeh County

Geo-Mapping Supervisor Calls For Protection of Mappers

GRAND GEDEH COUNTY, LIBERIA -The Geographical Mapping Supervisor has called for the protection of Geographical Mappers who are currently in Konobo Administrative District in Grand Gedeh County.

The Geo-Mapping Supervisor, S.Yarlor Saywon Jr., told the Liberia News Agency(LINA) that the request for protection is based on the recent development in Glio/Twarbo District where the “Country Devil” had to be called in to contain a riot. The Geo Mapping Supervisor said mob violence broke out while mappers were conducting awareness on demarcation of the community forest in the National Park in Sayou Town,Twarbo Chiefdom. They had to protect themselves and their vehicle until the “Country Devil” came out to save the situation in the absence of national police.
The mappers are targeting hard-to-reach areas in Grand Gedeh County beginning from Gboe/ Ploe, Glio/ Twarbo and now Konobo, with mapping of structures and households before a head count. They, therefore, called for the cooperation of local leaders to ensure a successful national census.



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