LKF: Knockout Championship named in honor of MYS Boss

LKF: Knockout Championship named in honor of MYS Boss

His immense contributions towards the development and promotion of Liberia’s traditional sport, kickball is now paying off for Youth and Sports Minister, Dester Zeogar Wilson, as authorities of the Liberia Kickball Federation (LKF) have unanimously concluded to name the 2022 LKF Knockout championship in his honor.

LKF, in a statement issued under the signature of its President, Mr. Emmanuel Suprise Whea at the weekend, recounted the numerous contributions of the MYS boss, including the “LKF Life After Kickball” program, allocation of official offices for the Federation, and provision of a permanent playing pitch for the game.

“The leadership of the Liberia Kickball Federation (LKF) is pleased to inform its stakeholders and the general public that the LKF Knockout Championship 2022 will be played in honor of Youth And Sports Minister, D Zeogar Wilson, for his administration’s many support to kickball development and improvement; ranging from the LKF "Life After Kickball Program," allocation of an official office, the current playing pitch amongst others,” read the statement.

“We think this is one way to appreciate Hon Wilson for all [that] he continues to do as Minister of Youth and Sports,” the statement furthered.

Predicated upon his impact to the success of the game, the LKF authorities disclosed that the knockout championship is named and styled: "The D. Zeogar Wilson Kickball Cup 2022," and will bring together all 11 registered League One teams and 20 League Two teams.

“It officially kicks off on Saturday May 7 2022 at SKD Kickball Pitch with 31 teams participating from both League-Two (20 teams) and League-One (11 teams),” added the statement.

Meanwhile, defending champions Community Youth Empower (CYE) will begin the defense of the title on Sunday, May 8, 2022 against one of its fierce rivals, Supreme Girls.

The defending champions will be searching for her third knockout championship, and a win will take her to the last 16 of the competition with a further win sailing her to the quarters.

However, it stands out to be a tricky encounter as the Girls of Supreme will be going all out to maintain status against CYE, who they earlier lost to in the national league.

Another intriguing encounter will be played between League-Two leaders Destiny Girls and two-time champions Angels of the Sky otherwise known as ASK Sisters.

It will be an-all League-Two affair between Brazilian Girls and new comers Neatoh, with the in-form “Brazilians” earlier damaging the strangers in the national league 8-1.



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