Basketball All-time Player Applauds LBA’s Leadership

Basketball All-time Player Applauds LBA’s Leadership

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -One of Liberia’s Basketball Association (LBA) legends has applauded the current Abraham Samukai leadership at the LBA for the postponement of its 2020/2021 National League Knockout Competition as they continue their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coach Varflay Conneh, who once served as Technical Chairperson on the association current Samukai administration, pointed out the step taken by the association’s leadership is a clear manifestation of their seriousness for the health care not only for them as LBA officials, stakeholders, and athletes but for the entire population of Liberia and its foreign residents. Coach Conneh emphasized that basketball is a contact sport and based on that, it was impossible to continue the league during the COVID-19 epidemic so it was important for officials and stakeholders of the LBA to quickly put their houses on the right path as they continue their fight against the virus.

According to him, the move is a great step forward not only for the association’s members, but the country and its people. Said Coach Conneh: “Given the above statement from the LBA for postponing its national league knockout competition because of the COVID-19 epidemic is highly appreciated and welcoming this is what some stakeholders have been advocating for all along.” The LBA President Mr. Samukai highlighted that his association knockout tournament is suspended due to the COVID 19 epidemic in Liberia and he is calling on basketball lovers to be very careful in their fight against the virus and always take the proper precaution and described the applaud made by Coach Conneh.

“Based on the concentration with stakeholders and the leadership of the LBA, the president is pleased to mandate the immediate suspension of the league as we all continue our fight against the virus,” he stated. “I believe that one should always receive his flowers for not doing the right thing, we should always lavish praises on them for doing good or the right thing,” he added.


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