Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor

Chief Justice Youh slaps Judge Wollor with suspension - Orders immediate dismissal of the Clerk of the Tax Court of Monsterrado County Featured

Chief Justice Sie- A- Nyene Youh has suspended Presiding Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit Court, Grand Cape Mount County, days after she took over the top judiciary post. This action was as a result of a formal complaint filed for an alleged "Ethical Misconduct" of Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor, which she(Chief Justice Youh) termed as a grave magnitude. 

The Chief Justice, who recently spoke strongly of upholding the integrity of the Judiciary in removing the clouds of misconceptions, false innuendos, and vicious criticisms, has forwarded the complaint to the Judicial Inquiry Commission for a full investigation, while Judge Wolor remains off his Judicial functions till the matter is investigated and settled.

The high Priestess also ordered the immediate dismissal of the Clerk of the Tax Court of Monsterrado County- Webster Wreh.

She said this action was based on the outcome of administrative investigation that found him liable for egregious ethical misconduct unbefitting a staff of the Judiciary.

She is leaving no stone unturned in removing the dark cloud on the Liberian Judiciary of corruption and unethical conduct of which the United State Human Rights Report 2021 asserted that, " Judges and Magistrates engage in corruption and sometimes solicited bribes to try cases, grant bail to detainees, award damages in civil cases and acquit defendants in criminal cases. Defense Attorney and Prosecutors sometimes suggested defendants pay bribes to secure favorable decisions from judges, prosecutors and jurors or to have court staff place cases on the docket for trial." 

Ensuring the confidentiality of the Judiciary, the new Chief Justice added that the bench will steadfast uphold the values and purposes for which the court was established.
"We will work with the Liberian National Bar Association and the National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia to review and conclude on the draft rules for our ethical investigating bodies in order to eliminate unethical law practitioners in a swift and decisive manner rather than giving warnings.’’

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Youh urged judges and magistrates to attach more solemnity to the Judicial Canons, particularly Judicial Canon Five, which states that “the court is the last place of hope for man on earth,” stressing that all rights of the people will be fairly and speedily adjudicated and that justice will prevail irrespective of the parties involved.



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