Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace ends 14-Day Fast and Prayers

Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace ends 14-Day Fast and Prayers

In order to maintain the peace that the country now enjoys, a group of women under the banner:  Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace has  ended a 14-day fast and prayer with specific issues of early warning signs of conflict.

It can be recalled in recent days that mothers gathered together on the ground of the Invincible Park at the Fish Market in Sinkor for a prayer festival.

In 2003, the Liberia women Mass Action for Peace gathered together on the same sacred ground for the following reasons: to present a position statement to the then Government of Liberia to say no to war; to call the attention of the international community because the citizens were dying, to send a clear signal and message to the various warrant factions to see reasons to seize fire and to get the attention of the government from these signs that are now creeping on the walls of our nation again.

These signs include discrimination, corruption, power grieve, hatred, tribalism among others.

Against this background, the Liberia women Mass Action for Peace has come to realize the early warning signs of conflict in Liberia, as these early warning signs, according to them, are creating concerns by the general public like the killing and disappearance of citizens around the country, the tribal and land conflicts, the militarization of political parties, the increase in gender and sexual based violence and the hiking of prices and hoarding of basic commodities on the Liberian market.

The Women Mass Action for Peace group urged the Liberian government to take responsibility for the protection of peace and stability of the country and security of its citizens as well as urgently respond to the early warning signs.

They also called on all political parties and politicians to ensure that everyone engages in all political activities and process with objectivity and a non-violence approach.

They demanded that all political parties demilitarize their respective institution.

The women called on the Nation Elections Commission (NEC) to vigilantly monitor and enforce all aspects of the Election Laws of Liberia.

Furthermore, the women group called on all Liberians and foreign friends in Liberia and within the ECOWAS sub-region to join hands in protecting the peace and stability the have maintained over the past 18 years.

They also urged the Ministry of Justice to vigorously investigate the killings and disappearance of citizens in the country.

“The Government of Liberia should urgently engage all actors of the tribal and land conflicts and resolve the issues causing said conflicts in the country,” said a statement from the group.

“We call on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to stop traders and marketers from hoarding and hiking the price of basic commodities,” added the group.


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