Pastor Nelson G. Paye handcuffed being dragged to the Monrovia Central Prison Pastor Nelson G. Paye handcuffed being dragged to the Monrovia Central Prison

For Trafficking in Person, Others, Pastor dragged to Monrovia Central Prison Featured

The Monrovia City Court has sent to jail at the Monrovia Central Prison generally referred to as “South Beach” a 38-year-old man for the crimes of trafficking in person, theft of property and forgery.

“Trafficking in persons” and “human trafficking” are umbrella terms – often used interchangeably – to refer to a crime whereby traffickers exploit and profit at the expense of adults or children by compelling them to perform labor or engage in commercial sex.

Accordingly, this occurred in the Boys Town Community, Lower Margibi County.

It can be recalled that on April 6, 2022, one Pastor Nelson G. Paye was arrested, acquainted of his constitutional rights, investigated and duly charged with the commission of the crimes of trafficking in person, theft of property and forgery.

His alleged action is in violation of section 2 A and B and 15.51 of the new Trafficking in Person Act and the Penal Law of Liberia.

According to a police charge sheet, one Emmanuel Kerkula complained that his wife, Linda Fasu Kerkula was informed about the traveling and job program in Oman, a country in Western Asia, by her friend, Promise Nana Bangura, mother of which she confirmed that from Promise herself.

Complainant Kerkulah said his wife were encouraged to fix her documents and referred her to the defendant to facilitate her process for which she did and also paid the sum of three hundred and fifty United States dollars (US$350) as agent fees.

"Upon the completion and submission of my wife document, she departed Liberia for Oman February 12, 2022 through Ivory Coast and Ghana. Upon her arrival in Oman, she was received by another agent. My wife has been ill-treated and raped by her sponsor in Oman, Asia," he alleged.

Co-complainant Miatta G. Browne, and Yamah P. Lawubah narrated that they knew about the program through the defendants who took them to Pastor Paye and they paid the amount US$350 each as agent fees to him.

All of the traveling document were sent to them from Promise Bangura and on March 31, 2022 while at the defendant house preparing to be taken to the Robert International Airport in Margibi County. Upon that Bennett called and told her in tears to not go to Oman because she was been ill-treated by her sponsor as well.

Defendant Paye averred that Linda was recommended to him by Promise Nana Bangura who asked him to helped process her travel document of which he did. He admitted that he received US$350 as agent fees and sent it to Promise.

Additionally, Promise Nana Bangura submitted Yamah P. Lawubah and Miatta G. Brown to process their documents. He received US$700 of which he did.

Police investigation established that Pastor Paye and Promise Nana Bangura (accomplice) recruited and transported victim Linda Fasu Kerkula to Oman, Asia were she is currently been ill-treated and allegedly rape while others victims Yamah and Miatta who did not go to Oman were extorted by paying the amount of three hundred and fifty (US$350) each.

The police charge sheet furthered that when victim Linda arrived in Oman, her passport was taken from her and that she refused to work anymore due to the intense condition of the work and have asked to come back home, but her sponsor in Oman is requesting that she pay back the amount US$2800 before she can be released to return to Liberia.

It added that on February 12, 2022, the defendant was given US$350.00 each as processing fees for Linda,Miatta and Yamah which total US$1,100.

Meanwhile, Pastor Paye is detained at the Monrovia Central Prison while awaiting court trial.



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