Madam Maima D. Robinson WARE’s Executive Director Madam Maima D. Robinson WARE’s Executive Director

Women advocacy group wants War Crimes and Economic Court established in Liberia

The Executive Director of a women group, under the banner, Women’s Action for Rights and Empowerment (WARE), has craved the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia. 

Madam Maima D. Robinson believes that this will serve as a deterrence for would-be human rights abusers to rethink before engaging into any act of war in Liberia in the future.

Despite the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s conclusions that crimes and serious violations of international law were committed, the Government of Liberia (GoL) continues to waver over the creation of a recommended war crimes economic court in the country to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions in the Liberian civil war. 

Madam Robinson made these comments recently in an interview at the close of a four-day capacity building training on the recommendations, advocacy and monitoring of the TRC Report.

The forum was organized by a local civil society group, Women's NGO Secretariat of Liberia, (WONGOSOL) with funding from the Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund, United Nations Civil Society Partnership.

Madam Robinson indicated that some even see an accountability mechanism as an essential step for Liberia to heal from the wounds of the past and to address Liberia’s culture of impunity. 

However, she stressed that others are worried that a court will reignite old tensions that could be misused for political purposes, and that it would be too costly considering Liberia’s struggling economy.

She pointed out that people must be held accountable for their crimes that have kept the country and its citizens backward for far too long.

She averred that too many women are living with bullets in their bodies, and the establishment of the war crimes court will allow them to explain their stories, which would be documented.

According to Madam Robinson. her organization will encourage more women groups to partner with them to provide them intensive training that will enhance their participation in the advocacy that will equip them to get more involve in ensuring that those who committed human rights violations in th3e country are brought to book.

“This is why I support the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia because this courts will help us find justice for victims hopefully, they will lay painful memories of loved ones, and innocent souls to deserved eternal rest”, she accentuated.

The Women’s Action for Rights and Empowerment Boss expressed the believe that the establishment of war and Economic crimes court in Liberia will also lift the weight off the shoulders of accused persons who believe that themselves to be innocent or wrongly accused.

She mentioned that a court is not just a place to seek punishment, but rather it is a place to find the truth, to award justice, and to set the innocent or wrongly accused, free.

Madam Robinson clarified that the court will help Liberians heal and reconcile, it should not be limited to the crimes committed during the war but it should have the jurisdiction for the trying of current and future crimes such as “stealing from the people, and passing deals that cheats Liberia and Liberians.

She then used the occasion to call for more women involvement in advocating for the implementation of The Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations.


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