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Executive Mansion Opens Up On Muslims Holiday Saga

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Following mounting pressure from the Muslim community for a national holiday in Liberia, President George Manneh Weah says he will not hesitate to support their decision.

According to President Weah, if the 54th National Legislature deems it necessary to enact into law a holiday for the Muslims in Liberia, he will ensure that the legislation be approved without hesitation. Speaking on behalf of the Liberian leader when quizzed on the Okay FM talk show on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh pointed out that President Weah in his power cannot unilaterally make such decision unless it is agreed by the National Legislature.

"The President will not hesitate to support the decision of the Legislature regarding giving a holiday to our Muslim community. If the National Legislature thinks it is necessary or agreed upon, I can assure you that President Weah will not hesitate to have it approved. This is not about the President, but we have to respect the other branches of government," he said. It can be recalled that on Tuesday August 3, 2020, the Muslim community, many of whom were young people, staged a peaceful protest to the National Legislature calling for a national holiday to be given them. Just recently, precisely at the end of the celebration making the Eid Al- Adha ( Ibrahim Day) the National Chief Imam of Liberia Sheik Ali Krayee sounded a caveat that if their holiday issue is not settled by the government, they will not accept gifts (bags of rice )from the government.

"If you cannot give us a holiday, we do not want your rice, neither any other gift," the Muslim cleric indicated. Also appearing on the Okay FM on Thursday, August 6, 2020, Sheik Ali Krayee noted that they (Muslims) are not respected and loved in the country as claimed by government and Christians. "The Christians of Liberia didn't ask for holiday but they have. They have Christmas holiday and Easter Holiday. The Ministry of Education has on their agenda Easter Break for schools. The Muslim of this country feel discriminated and humiliated against this holiday when our children feel unequal with the Christian students because MOE just shut down the schools due to Easter break,” he stated.
He furthers:” In line with the calendar, the Legislature also can closed and go for Easter Break. It is not about law, but the respect that these people are part of the country is what we need."

The Muslim cleric wonders why Liberia will not grant them a holiday when he named other West African countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, SierraLoene amongst others that are dominantly Christians, having Muslim holidays in their countries. Sheik Krayee said, the National Imam Council of Liberia is resolved and is planning a strategic action that will be void of violence if nothing is done to address their plight after the senatorial elections.
"If this holiday issue is not settle after the Senatorial elections, Liberians will be shocked to know the next action this issue will be taken. We are not talking about violence, we are not talking about breaking laws, the muslims of this country have been mostly peaceful since Liberia's independence in 1847 and will never be" he amongst other things said.


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