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In Golakonneh District, Grand Cape Mount County, Central Mosque of Tahn gests massive Facelift

The Central Mosque of Tahn, the Administrative Headquarters of Golakonneh District in Grand Cape Mount County, reopened for regular prayers on Sunday, November 20, 2022 after a massive renovation works funded by the Liberia branch of Muhammad the 6th Foundation for African Scholars.

During the ceremony marking the dedication of the renovated mosque, Sheikh Sualiho Dukuly, Secretary General of the Foundation in Liberia said that the funding for the renovation came from the King’s Annual Ramadan Gesture known as “The Solidarity Fund” to support the Foundation’s branches all over in Africa and to strengthen their relationships with the local communities for the promotion of Islam and peaceful coexistence of all faiths.

It can be recalled that in 2020, the Foundation launched a one-day street cleaning campaign in collaboration with the Brewerville City Cooperation when it mobilized over 30 volunteers from the Brewerville Township to carry out the exercise.

The selection of a town way outside Monrovia for last year’s Solidarity Fund came after the Imam of the Mosque, Sheikh Zodua appealed to the Foundation for help to renovate the mosque where regular prayers had become almost impractical during the rainy season due to the deplorable condition of the the roof and the entire building.

Over 300 people graced the occasion including several Imams from the District, the Clan Chief of Mana, Civil Societies Representative and Brothers of the Christian Faith.

In his remark, Imam Mustapha Lumeh, Chief Imam of the Central Mosques, expressed thanks and appreciation to the people of Tahn for their collaboration and the local capacities they contributed for the successful completion of the work. He also extended his heartfelt gratitude to King Muhammad the 6th of Morocco for extending his humanitarian hands to the people of Tahn. “ I am very touched” he said.

The people of the District also unanimously expressed their gratitude to Branch of the Foundation in Liberia through the Secretary to the President Sheikh Omaru A. Kamara who was unable to attend due to poor health.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Sualiho Dukuly, who spoke at the program on behalf of the President of the Foundation Branch in Liberia, Sheikh Omaru A. Kamara, also outlined in summary, the objectives of this noble foundation founded by his Majesty, King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco, which include but not limited to working very hard to consolidate unity coordinate the efforts of Muslim Scholars of Morocco and their Counterparts in other African Counties aimed at presenting to the world Sound Islamic Doctrines and Its core values, such as tolerance, moderation, promotion of peaceful Co-Existence, Cooperation, encouraging the establishment of religious, educational, cultural centers and institutions, as well as reviving shared Islamic heritage to ensure its dissemination and preservation, free from all forms of violence, extremism and terrorism.

Shiekh Dukuly then expressed thanks and appreciations to the Muslim Community of Tahn for their coorporation which led to the success of the project. He also urged the community to continue working together to enable them undertake self-help projects for the betterment of their community. He concluded by saying: “Unity is Our Strength, Unity Brotherhood and Cooperation Will Bring Us Peace, Development and Success”.

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