Remain Unbending -In The Anti-Rape Campaigns!!

From our vantage point, we want to again encourage our government and its partners as well as all anti-rape crusaders, including the media to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that rape, which is reported to be one of the most serious crimes being committed in the country by unprincipled people, is drastically reduced, if not jettisoned.

This is why it is very important for the many anti-rape campaigns launched across the country, which have reportedly scored some successes, are enhanced.

In some of the launched anti-rape campaigns, we learnt that some survivors were urged not to compromise rape cases no matter the characters and higher-ups involved in the intolerable and callous act.

We also learnt that some survivors of this heinous crime were also challenged to seek early treatment and must pursue the perpetrator(s) with all forms of justice.

We say hats off to our government and all anti-rape campaigners for working diligently in sensitizing the Liberian populace about rape and gender based violence across the country.

In the same token, we challenge our government and its partners as well as all anti-rape crusaders to remain unbending in drastically dealing with this menace, which had and continues to render many innocent people, mainly women and children hopeless.

To this end, we again encourage our government and all to keep up the anti-rape campaigns’ momentum.

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