FDA Managing Director Mr. Mike Doyen FDA Managing Director Mr. Mike Doyen

FDA recommits to promoting Sustainable Forest Management

The Liberia Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has recommitted itself to the promotion of sustainable forest management in Liberia.

‘’The idea is not only to the benefit the current generation of Liberians, but also in the interest of future generation,” the FDA Managing Director Mike Doyen stated.

Speaking recently at the launch of USAID funded Conservation Works Activity project in Margibi County, Mr. Doyen disclosed that the country is already upholding the idea of green economy and will do nothing to undermine the process.

He then pledged that the FDA will ensure Liberia reaches its target of conserving one-point-five-million hectares of forest land.

He expressed hope that the objective and target of the project will be implemented to the fullest in the interest of the country.

The Forestry Development Authority is a state corporation established by an Act of the Legislature in 1976 with the mandate of ensuring the sustainable management and conservation of Liberia's forest and related natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

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