Our Position on the smear media campaign against Solway

Reading some editorials, where those papers are procrastinating on the comprehension of, yet a well comprehensible statement made by Solway’s Administrative assistant and Public Relation Officer Bill Murphy about building housing units for host communities and workers of the company, is not only funny, but absurd.

We understand the frustration of some people who, having tried in vain to undermine the company, are looking for whatever they can find to hang on desperately like someone who is drowning in the middle of the ocean.

Solway remains serene as we strive for a good environment, the relationship between company and host population, the camaraderie, the participatory in all affairs of the company, as well as good coordination the population of Nimba is aspiring for and have not yet got anywhere else.

Talking about rail track, be reminded that it is very ridiculous and wicked for anyone to seek ownership of a state-owned property. No patriotic Liberian will wish to lose such a huge potential income source to a private entity. Solway prefers to pay taxes to government for the use of the rail, thus empowering the government economically, instead of giving it out to a private entity. Tell us if we are wrong to do so.

For the first time in history host communities are shareholders in a company operating on lands owned by them. These populations have 5% share in Solway and we challenge you to index another company that is offering such opportunity.

Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment, LACE, as the name indicates is a state-owned Agency intended to empower Liberians community. Why asking LACE to build housing units for host communities is wrong to you? Are you real? Do you love this country? We are sure not because everything that will benefit the population is for you a wrong thing. Using LACE to build for host communities is instead deductible because units will be built based on the terms and conditions set by the government.

Concerning the workers of Solway, you have again displayed your incapacity of the aptitude of understanding. Still at the stage of exploration, Solway has a team of geologists operating in our camp in BLEI. There, you have modern housing units erected for the employees with 24 hours electricity and running water. Unfortunately, when you are blinded by desperation you lose all senses of reasoning, thus making the real definition of preposterousness, absurdity, and outrageousness.

Nationalism policy is one of the major goals of Solway. This is the reason why when you get to Camp BLEI you will understand that 99% of our work force are Liberians. Moreover, they are all originating from the host county. It is true that one may want to step on fair play due to frustrations encountered along the road, but for God’s sake let’s consult our conscience in this battle of making wrong looks like right.

To this end, SOLWAY is and remains open to any journalist who wants to acquire the truth about the company. No need to be taking story from someone who is seeking his/her selfish interest without editing it and publish it just to please that person because of what is following the article. We will always make sure that the country’s interest is put first.

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