CMAL extols NRF for Clean Audit Report

CMAL extols NRF for Clean Audit Report

A civil society group named and styled, Civil Movement For Accountability in Liberia or CMAL has expressed satisfaction over the outcome of the audit conducted by the General Auditing Commission( GAC) on the National Road Fund (NIR), considering it as the first and only audit report on an institution under the Weah led- Government that has not been indicted with fraud, or misappropriation.

 The group, through its Chairman, Willie T. Kargbo, noted that while it is true that some Liberians believe that corruption under the Weah led-Government is at its peak with almost all of the ministries and agencies being involved in financial mal practice, the results from the audits conducted on the National Road Funds for fiscal year 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 have proven that there are still integrity institutions that can set the record straight.

Mr. Kargbo asserted that while it is true that auditing is a complex exercise that requires back and for engagements, the GAC's position on Unqualified Opinion which states that " the accompanying financial statements of National Road Fund present fairly in all material respects, the statement of receipts and payments as at June 30, 2020. Statement of comparison of Budget and Actual Amounts and a summary of other accountant policies and explanatory averred for the fiscal period then ended in accordance with international Public Sector Accountant Standards (IPSAS) Cash basis of Accountant" indicates that there has been no foul play as purported by a local daily.

In contrast to other audit findings conducted by the GAC, the group's through its Chairman, pointed out instances where other government institutions underwent similar exercise, but were clearly indicted on fraud charges and financial misappropriation noting that the scenario with the NRF presents a whole different picture.

" We have no doubt that the Opinion expressed by the GAC is transparent, independent, and void of external influence. This is the only audit report thus far that has not been tampered with or influence by any one, which proves that not all institutions under the Weah led government are involved in corrupt practices," he stated.

Mr. Kargbo, mentioned that in as much as it is necessary for officials to account for public money, one should not criticize or indict officials with impeccable character who are striving to improve the system, but rather reach for the facts which is the right thing to do.
The group acknowledged that, under the watchful eyes of the Executive Director of the National Road Fund, huge transformation has taken place, and that the NRF has become an access rather than a liability, with millions being contributed to "Pro Poor Agenda" Road Map.

The group then called on other government institutions to follow the good examples of the NRF, and promote transparency so that the interest of the Liberian people can be prioritized.


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