West Point Residents crave for relocation site

West Point Residents crave for relocation site

Residents of the densely populated Township of West Point Community are calling on national government and donor partners for an urgent assistance to help alleviate the deplorable conditions they have engulfed over the years.

According to township residents, they continue to experience the continuous sea erosion and flood which is causing many of them to be victimized as many of them are being left homeless.

In furtherance of a lot of calls which they have made year ago to the Government of Liberia and other international partners, they pointed out that sea erosion is their major target.

Speaking with this paper in an exclusive interview, one of the residents, Mohamed Kadafi, expressed his displeasure about life condition and asked the government to find a way to blocked the sea from coming further or better still to relocate them.

"Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf built some structure in the VOA area, I was part of the national disaster committee, but since the government built those houses, they never turned it over to us. We are looking up to government to assist us; to relocate us or find a way to block the sea from coming further,” Mr. Kadafi said.

It can be recalled that some years back, the past regime built houses intended for the relocation of residents of West Point, but relocation is yet to be done as there have been many other discussions or solutions be thought about.

Township Commissioner, Williams C. Wea, said there are efforts being made by the government to help victims of sea erosion due to sea level rise or flooding and that those solutions will come to fruition.

He lamented that the government through the President is concerned about the situation and in so doing, his leadership has talked with partners and with the hope of protecting the people of West Point.

The West Point Commissioner disclosed that the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA is spearheading the initiative to build a coaster defensive system to prevent sea erosion.

"I live here, and I see what my people are going through. So the West Point story is our story. We have been talking and the government has seen the need for the first time in the history of this country to do something," Mr. Wea stated.

He then urged residents of West Point to be patient, adding: “This is a process. It is better we have hope that yes indeed this will be constructed and this will begin very soon."


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