President George Manneh Weah dedicating a project at his former school he initiated President George Manneh Weah dedicating a project at his former school he initiated

Pres. Weah gives back to his former school

George Manneh Weah, former student of Wells Hairston High School, now President of Liberia, on Thursday, November 25, 2021 gave back to his alma mater. 

The initiative by the Liberian leader is his own way of appreciating the school for building his capacity from the secondary educational level. Following previous visitation of his former school and looking at the poor shape of the educational institution, President Weah saw the need to make some timely intervention.

His intervention initially, according to the Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community empowerment (LACE), Pepci Quiwu Yeke, was to take care of the bathroom facilities of the school but due to other pressing needs, the project took an extended dimension.
“Our assessment shows that we needed to do more and we did just that,” the LACE boss told reporters.

He said their total intervention has given the school a new look with the new construction of ten bathrooms unlike the previous four, new annex , cafeteria as well as additional class rooms, amongst others.

Mr. Yeke added that the entire facilities were in a deplorable shape following their assessment and there was a need for a new look, something they did to the core. The project implemented by LACE, according to Mr. Yeke, is put at US$120,000. 

President Weah, speaking to the students on Thursday, November 25, 2021, urged them to use his story as a motivation for them to do better in the future. “It is not what they put out about you but who you truly are, learn to write your own story to avoid it been distorted,” he added.

He admitted that Wells Hairston High school was a good school to him, and therefore, it was key for him to give back to them, saying, “never forget people who are good to you”.

President Weah, who used the occasion to urge the students to take good care of their new facilities, also encouraged them to make school their best friend because it is the ultimate.

“Associate yourselves with good and positive people to help ensure that you make a remarkable impact in the larger society,” he told the students. 

Speaking, in response about the gesture by the President was the Principal of the Wells Hairston High School Marcus Williams stated that he was happy and very proud to see his former student to become President of Liberia and to as well pay homage to his former institution of learning.

“He is back home and we are grateful for his intervention. I thought him and I am the only surviving teacher of the President,” the Wells Hairston High School proud principal and former teacher of the Liberian leader disclosed.

The Liberian leader, a former 11-B student of the Wells Hairston High School, was a Secretary General of his Class and was also a very focused and disciplined student, Principal Williams told the audience.

According to him, the president was a disciplined student and was among few of the students in-spite of been a key player of the school team who was always regular in class and school and his grades then were honest and a clear representation of himself.

He recalled that President Weah last game for the school was against Haywood Mission School and the result was obvious due to his excellent performance as always, “we won,” he told the gathering.
“We won the game in 1987 and the school yard was overcrowded with joy and celebrations,” he added.

Meanwhile, plans are said to be underway for additional interventions by the President as his intervention has now given his former school a new shape and look as the happy students and school administrators were full of job of the President’s gesture to them


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