Rep. Wiah and members of the Award Committee Rep. Wiah and members of the Award Committee

Lawmaker Receives Accolade For Human Capacity Development

The Alliance of South East Youth and Students Network has honored Sinoe County Electoral District #2 Representative Samuel Q. Wiah for, among other things, his human capacity development among the youth and students community in his district and the county at large.

The group asserted that Rep. Wiah has done remarkably well within a very short period of time since taking over the legislative position of the District.

They named incomparable investment in scholarship for the future leaders of the district and the county, human interest development initiatives among others as gesture, they noted will not go untouched.

The organizers also mentioned the exceptional support the honouree has contributed to restoring peace at the Sinoe Legislative Caucus, good governance and charismatic leadership in Sinoe and Liberia at large.

The group, among other things, pointed out that the immeasurable contributions of the lawmaker prompted his special honor and recognition by them.

“We are not doing this for any other motive but to ensure that it serves as an added motivation for our lawmaker to do more for us,”, they added.

Receiving the honour, Lawmaker Wiah said he was very excited to be recognized for his contributions to his people and appreciated the group for what he described as a huge surprise to him.

He stated that the honour will help inspire him to perform better for them because it will serve as a symbol of peace and development in the county.

According to him, the special recognition by young people will help to further evaluate his performances which will serve as an additional motivation of his services to his compatriots because the young people are like mirror that see what their (leaders) do not see.

At the same time , the lawmaker indicated that he feels more indebted to the young people especially those that are determined for quality education because he is also a beneficiary of the Government of Liberia scholarship, which helped him acquired secondary education up to Master’s Degree.

He then use the occasion to pledge his commitment to continue to invest in the development of young people and also assured them that he will lobby with his colleagues at the legislature for additional support to the Country's educational sector in order for them to benefit.

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