‘Avoid lying to retain public trust and image’ - Rev. Akoi asserts at peace program

‘Avoid lying to retain public trust and image’ - Rev. Akoi asserts at peace program

The Founder of the Better Future Liberia says to maintain the peace of Liberia, Liberians should be civil in approaching each other.

Serving as guest speaker at a program organized by the Center for Peace Education in observance of International Day of Peace, Rev. Augustine Akoi urged Liberians to show respect and treat others as they would like to be treated.

The Better Future boss said to have a peaceful nation, public resources must be shared equally and that the citizens must be morally upright as a sign of maintaining the peace.

He said, if leaders and those they lead apply the golden rules in what they do, peace will be enjoyed in Liberia.

“Treat people fairly and public resources must be distributed equally. Be morally upright as a signed of maintaining the peace. Avoid lying to retain public trust and image,” Rev. Akoi stated as step forward to maintaining peace.

“Morality is a scare commodity in Liberia and I think the government must be able to do better to have the people trust,” Rev. Akoi pointed out. He encouraged his audience to keep observing the protocol of COVID-19 and not take the disease for joke.

CPE Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Emmett Teage, read the organization official World Peace Day Message on behalf of its Executive Director, Mr. Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm, reminding all nations of the importance of promoting peaceful coexistence as the best ways to honor World Peace Day.

Mr. Teage recalled that the Center for Peace Education was established 2009 to provide a comprehensive peace building and conflict resolution program in Liberia as a means of creating harmony and a better life for future generation.

“One of the best ways to honor World Peace Day is to work for peace. Thanks to our staff, volunteers, and generous supporters, more and more Liberians are enjoying the rewards of peaceful ways of living and coexisting.

The people who take our peace classes learn that differences make our lives richer and our communities stronger, and that differences can be embraced without fear, and conflict managed and resolved without aggression and conflict,” he, among other things, added.

Meanwhile, the Center for Peace Education organized program was held recently in Brewerville, outside Monrovia under the theme: “Spread Peace Not COVID-19”.


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