ISOC-Liberia, MOPT, LTA seek Strategies to unlock Liberia Digital Economy

ISOC-Liberia, MOPT, LTA seek Strategies to unlock Liberia Digital Economy

The Internet Society Liberia Chapter in collaborating with the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MOPT), Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), with funding and sponsorship from the Internet Society Foundation and Internet Society will on Wednesday November 23, 2022 host a national stakeholder’s dialogue on the improvement of the digital economy of Liberia.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this paper over the weekend in Monrovia, Internet Society Liberia Chapter President Mr. Matthew Roberts said that the dialogue aimed at sharing best practices and building capacity for individuals in a diversity of sectors in Liberia.

He added that the unlocking of the digital economy in Liberia through digital transformation is to offer an intensive learning progression or experience covering a wide range of topics on digit transformation in the digital economy.

“The objective of this dialogue is to Inform and create awareness of the use of Internet/ICT in support of the digital economy and society. Share international best practices on Digital Transformation; and

Build capacity and skills development in the digital era through digital transformation.

To build capacity and information on tools needed for digital transformation in the digital economy’’ Mr. Roberts explained.

He disclosed that the workshop program will consist of both lectures and practical, hands-on activities that enhance the learning experience and participants will have the opportunity to work with others and share ideas.

The Internet Society Liberia Chapter is collaborating with the Liberia Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MOPT), Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), and other stakeholders to conduct a workshop on

The national stakeholder’s digital economic dialogue that is scheduled to take place from November 23 – 25, 2022 is organized under the theme: “Internet as a tool for economic growth: digital transformation in the digital economy of Liberia.”

Also, the workshop will be a hybrid one that brings together participants from government, SME businesses, high school students, University students, Journalists, civil society, and non-profits to discuss the most important issues facing digital transformation in the digital economy.

Explaining the reason of the dialogue, Mr. Roberts said that its seeks to unlocking the digital economy through digital transformation in Liberia, adding that to achieve this the program has been designed to enhance the understanding of participants of newest technologies and innovation methodologies.

‘’It is observed that Liberia’s businesses, institutions, and people use digital technologies for different purposes. However, the ability to use digital technologies as a transformational tool to grow the economy has a slow pace. This would be due to the lack of education in using digital technologies to grow one economy. The three days of the comprehensive workshop will cover everything from core terminology to how digital transformation in the digital economy is important in branding, content creation, e-commerce, e-banking, e-governance, the gig economy’’ he narrated.

Mr. Roberts disclosed that dialogue also strive to make Liberia an improved digital economy with telecommunications/ICT tools being the vehicle by which socio-economic development is achieved, the importance of the workshop cannot be overemphasized.

He said the training approach will enable participants to grasp all the information presented, even if some of the topics are new to the target participants.

They will learn new emerging areas of digital transformation in the digital economy to serve as the foundation for skills development and knowledge for years to come.

“The headline topics are the role of innovation and new technologies in achieving SDGs, Digital transformation and the digital economy Fostering innovation in the workplace and the community Modern design processes and methodologies Technology skill development for employment and business growth Introduction to mobile app development,’’ he stated.

Expanding on the core value of the dialogue, he pointed out that in their effort to improve information technology, digital transformation, and digital economic growth in Liberia, to educate individuals about the possibilities and opportunities that technology possesses, the workshop is being organized to target building the capacity of diverse groups from business institutions, universities, government, civil society.

He added that participants will benefit from the use of technologies to impact their lives and business establishments. Considering that educating those diverse groups bring equitable economic growth and sustained livelihood and increases innovation.


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