Chairperson Paybayee frowns at proliferation of disabled organization

In a bid to enhance development, the Chairperson of the National Commission on Disability in Liberia Madam Dietowon Paybayee is pushing against the proliferation of disable organizations.

This, she said, poses huge challenge to the function of the commission in catering to the welfare of disables in the country.

Speaking at a news conference recently, the Disable Commission’s Chairperson pointed out that the high level of disunity and proliferation of organizations of persons living with disability continue to remain a serious impediment to the commission's smooth running.

Venting out her dissatisfaction at those behaviors within the circle, the Chairperson Payebayee attributed the establishments of those different disable institution to greed and anxiety for personal gains.

“This only shows to our partners that we are not together and this could have the propensity of scaring away would be donors,” said the Commission head.

She noted that the situation makes it difficult for even the government to help people living with disability across Liberia.

The Disable Commission’s Chair then called on members of the disable community to work together under one umbrella in finding solutions to those issues affecting them.

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