Pres. Weah Fulfills Promise to “Just A Girl Initiative”

Pres. Weah Fulfills Promise to “Just A Girl Initiative”

President George Manneh Weah continues to accelerate progress in living up to his over 200 commitments he made during his county tour.

As a practical manifestation of his commitments, President Weah, through his logistics office, which is managed by Toe Wesseh, on Monday, November 22, 2021, presented to a vocational group named and styled “Just A Girl Initiative”, 30 sewing machines,  4 giant size ovens, flours and other needed items to that women empowerment body.

The President’s gesture came following an appeal from the organization during his county tour early this year.

According to Mr. Toe, the latest intervention by President is also meant to help strengthen the vocational and economic empowerment program of the institution.

Mr. Wesseh reassured Liberians that the Liberian leader, who is also referred to as a “Talk and Do Leader”, will live up to all of his promises he made to his people during his county tour.

He encouraged the beneficiaries to make maximum use of the donated items for the intended purpose.

In response to the gesture, the Chief Administrator of the “Just A Girl initiative”, Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh, appreciated the President for his meaningful and biggest assistance to them since their establishment.

As an institution, self-founded, she disclosed, they have touched the lives of over 100 women within the community as the donation will help them expand further in their endeavor.

The donated items, she said, will go a long way for them, especially with the tangible impact it will have on the locals, saying that they are grateful.

“On our own initiative, we were able to raise 18 sewing machines and some ovens as the additional 30 machines and 4 ovens are major boost and added advantage to the institution, which will help us enroll more people into the program, ” Madam Seagbeh stated.

“ I want to also thank the Chief of Protocol at the Executive Mansion, Ambassador Nora Finda Bundoo who has been the brain behind the success of the great initiative is the biggest donation so far since the institution was established,” Madam Seagbeh added.


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