A Patriot’s Diary With Ekena Wesley -Marylanders Welcome Police IGP's Call to Stop Ritualistic Murders: But Liberians Demand Justice for 4 Auditors 

A euphoric Police Inspector General was on the move in the southeastern city of Pleebo, Maryland. It was apparently a lecture series he might not sustain as it were. He spoke vehemently against the violence! Should a paramilitary police chief be doing such in a peace-making or keeping role? Perhaps, emotions had set in to say the least. No one celebrates the brutal, cowardly or gruesome murder of another human.

The violence was raging like a roaring lion, mayhem and lawlessness seemed like a torpedo. But there were others – especially the women in Maryland, who in a united voice; were seen peacefully protesting; and demanding justice for Mordecial Nyemah, a 12th Grade student of the Pleebo High School. The mood in Maryland and amongst Marylanders at home and abroad has been one of a somber, mournful interplay and grief amid the madness that occasioned the heartless and faceless murder of student Nyemah of Pleebo Sodoke District. Quite intriguingly, Liberia’s Inspector General of Police, Patrick Sudue, on a mission to Maryland County in the wake of the grisly murder of Mordecial Nyemah began a lecture cruise as it were. He should save his breath for Monrovia amid increased unexplained murders.
Patrick Sudue, of course denounced the tragic ritualistic murder in Maryland and did not mince his words while addressing a cross-section of Marylanders that ‘enough is enough.’ Surely, in the midst of crisis; doomsday prophets simply show up to preach all sorts of gospels according to their convictions. IGP Sudue wants the killings to stop. We feverishly support his newfound quest to end the ritualistic madness! Indeed Marylander should sit up; condemn the brutality and evildoing that deliberately sought to ignore the most precious commodity God has blessed humankind with.
No one is taking for granted Inspector General of Police, Patrick Sudue’s deep concern for a place (Maryland), he along with many others that grew up in the southeast, hold so deeply in high esteem. Maryland has been the epicenter of education as it were. But that degree of esteem could be quenching or diminishing due to the unstoppable perpetuation of ritualistic killings. As IGP, Patrick Sudue takes to his leisurely vocation of populist preaching sojourn; we think it is high time he is reminded that while Maryland could be a problem child in terms of ritualistic killings;

we also have a bigger problem on our hands in Monrovia. Four auditors, who were within the employ of the Government of Liberia, were mysteriously murdered in cold-blood on the watch of IGP Sudue. Of course, Patrick Sudue is aware; he addressed a couple of press conferences; assured Liberians particularly the loved ones of the victims that justice would be done. Easier said than done! The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Liberia National Police (LNP) just failed to do enough for the families of Matthew Innis, Albert Peters, Gifty Lamah, George Fanbutu, Emmanuel Bartem Nyensuah, Mabutu Nyepan and dozens of others killed under unexplained circumstances.

These were people, who so many others depended on for care, family love, alms and all manner of moral cum financial support. These are people who did not deserve such barbaric treatment meted out to them. In the end, rather than the government elected for, by and of the people guaranteeing justice for its citizens, it has instead failed to deliver justice to the victims’ families. When the people are aggrieved, they look up to their government for redress; when the people feel justice is farfetched, they demand it now;

when the people think or believe they are abused or their rights are trampled upon, they take their government to task. In as much as the people’s overreactions sometimes become condemnable; it is a result of unnecessary delay in dispensing justice, that is often perceived as justice denial - that would inevitably lead to untoward actions as it were. There would always be indicators or signs of ‘early warnings.’ But the early warnings are meant to guide the government or the ‘power that be’ action or response to take appropriate remedial decisions to safeguard public trust and interest.

The peculiar sermon Police Inspector General, Sudue sought to preach in the Pleebo City Hall or elsewhere must have been timely for the aggrieved in Harper but the demonstration, peaceful protest let along the attendant violence cum arson happened because the people seemed doubtful that justice would be seen to be done. Reading through their somewhat condemnable action, we cannot lose sight of the fact that as the full weight of the law takes its course, justice must be served in favor of the victim’s families.
We demand justice for the family of Mordecial Nyemah! We seek justice for all those who have been murdered under mysterious conditions. We all want the ritualistic killings to stop in Maryland because that’s the way to go that. Notwithstanding, let us not forget the wailing, grief and mourning of the families of the four auditors. We cannot afford to see any single bloodletting again. IGP Sudue must have been preaching in Pleebo and Harper but his sermon should resonate and inundate the entire country. We want justice for Mordecial Nyemah! We equally demand justice for the four auditors et al.      

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