The Senators-elect  receive their certificates from the NEC The Senators-elect  receive their certificates from the NEC

Geevon-Smith, Botoe Finally Certificated -To Be Inducted Today

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -Following what has been described as a rocky road to the Liberian Senate, River Cess and Gbarpolu Counties’ new Senators-elect Wellington Geevon-Smith and Botoe Kanneh, were on yesterday,  Tuesday,  March 30, 2021 certificated by the country's electoral body, the National Elections Commission (NEC). 

As the constitution dictates,  the pair will then be officially inducted into office by the leadership of the Liberian Senate. Making remarks prior to the official certification of the two Senators-elect,  Botoe Kanneh of Gbarpolu and Geevon-Smith of River Cess, NEC Chairperson, Madam Davidetta Brown-Lassanah, congratulated the two winners on their election to the Upper House of the Liberian Legislature. Despite the many controversies that stretched the certification process all the way from December,  she said the Commission's role has always been neutral in the process,  thus reminding Senator-elect Geevon-Smith of utterances made prior to the recount of votes in the remaining 104 of the 111 polling centers.  

According to her, the River Cess Senator-elect remark that 'citizens of River would sacrifice their sweat and blood if anything went wrong with the election result' did not augur well for the nurturing democracy of Liberia. The NEC boss indicated  that the Commission has and will always continue to play that neutral role in the electoral process. "We reiterate that the Commission is credible and will continue to be. We will not trade our integrity. This is what we do at all times. Therefore, as you will be coming up here to make statement, I urge you to take back your statement.  All Liberians must commit themselves to the rule of law," the NEC Chair asserted. 

But in response to the NEC Chair, Geevon-Smith literally asserted that the comments were made out of anger and temptation meted against him in the process. He noted that his comments were just some of the emotions that come with the electoral process. The River Cess Senator-elect vowed to have a strong bond of cordiality with the  Commission. "Madam Chair, as you may be aware, elections come with emotions and this was an emotion of the election.  The fact that Steve is with me here today proves that we have done with all of those politics and no one needs to be reminded of the past. We, River Cess people, are one people. In fact, among  of all the Commissioners here, you know me better because we have come a long way; we worked together for many years at the same entity,"  he said. 

"Again,  our older people say when you tempt the little child too much to anger, that could lead him or her to insult.  That's what temper can do and that is why it is not good to force people into anger," the newly certificated River Cess Senator defended his action. "But now at the level of the Liberian Senate,  you can count on me to push your agenda.  We are one people and closely interrelated," added. In remarks,  Gbarpolu County Senator-elect Botoe Kanneh lauded the women of Liberia,  civil society organizations and the media among others for their different roles played in the process that led to her success at the Capitol Building.  

"I want to use this time to thank the women of Liberia for the job well done.  I want to thank you for your support. Thanks to all other persons and groups; my legal team, CSOs, the media and even the Commission," she lauded. "It was not an easy journey but we made it. The Egyptians we see today  we will not be seen again. The battle has ended and it is time that we work together. This is a historic day," the Senator-elect indicated. "I am now the Jesus for all women because I have now bore the pain on the cross for them. I saw the country devil but I was not deterred.  Don't be afraid, women. Be encouraged to participate because I have paid the price. We have to work together. Thanks for taking me from the forest to a Senatorial seat. You never let me down. You didn't forsake me," she asserted.

Meanwhile, NEC Boss has disclosed that all disputes arising from the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election have been disposed of by the Commission. Notwithstanding, she mentioned that dissatisfied  candidates have forwarded their matters to the Supreme  Court of Liberia for redress. "All cases have been fully disposed of. But parties in the Sinoe and Cape cases have announced appeal to Supreme Court. The Commission assures Liberian of its constitutional mandate to conduct free and fair elections," she added.

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