Women of Liberia Welcome Supreme Court’s Verdict -Repose Trust in the Justice System

Women of Liberia Welcome Supreme Court’s Verdict -Repose Trust in the Justice System

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The women of Liberia have welcomed the verdict of the  Supreme Court ordering  the National Election Commission (NEC) to announced the winner of the December 8, 2020 Election in Gbarpolu County.

According to the women, the ruling of the high court reposes trust and confidence in the justice system of the country. Addressing a news conference at YWCA on Thursday, March 25, 2021, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia appreciated the high court for handling down an impartial and fair opinion. Madam Scott holds that while they await the NEC to adhere to the High Court’s mandate, they have already won. "We, (Madam Kanneh supporters), know that we have already won the election of which, NEC will declare and certificate Madam Kanneh as Senator for Gbarpolu County.

We will escort her to the Capitol Building to take her seat as Senator," Cllr. Scott  asserted. The former Chief Justice said the Liberian people want to see true and honesty at the Supreme Court. As a lawyer, Cllr. Scott said she understands the interpretation of the law regarding the process regarding election matter. Kanneh legal Counsel advised NEC to take actions aimed at reducing the numbers of cases to the Supreme Court. Additionally, she thanked supporters for believing in the Democratic process and also believing in Madam Kanneh who the public know her to be a market woman.

Also speaking, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angie Dorley, said it is an extraordinary speech to the Government of Liberia, Supreme Court and people of Liberia that they have come to the closure very positively on a major issue deriving from both UN Security Counsel Revolution 13.25 which talk about the issue of violence against Women in the Political System. Madam Dorley said what they are experiencing today is the first face of what the Lappa Revolution is about. She said the Lappa Revolution is where women of Liberia have decided that they will come up strong in terms of political participation which is key.

The former government official said the last time the women had their press conference they spoke with pain about the situation of Kanneh. Making remarks, Nimba County Senatorial Candidate, Edith  W. Gongloe-Weh, also thanked the Supreme Court for following the law by giving the victory well. She also thanked the women of Liberia for their support to ensure that success is sure. The former Nimba Superintendent mentioned that what the Lappa Revolution has done is something that she is one of the first beneficiaries.  She noted the resolution will take women's issues to the highest level. Madam Gongloe-Weh added that this should continue because (Individually or collectively) Liberia will only be progressive when women and men work together.

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