Association of Cape Mountainians in the Americas bestows Honor on Kemah Carter-Wesley, Others

Selflessness is a virtue. A a priceless commodity,  it is hard to come by. Not many people in this life are prepared or willing to make an ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. That scarcity invariably affects society. Those willing to do so are relatively in short supply.  Such is our human complexity, folks.

The good people of Cape Mount are historically Liberia's maiden scripted people. The Vai people found their place in history,  culture and education. A uniqueness no one can take away from the proud people of Cape. Mount. A county that stands poised to beacon touristic opportunities for surfing, boat ride and the ecstasy of exotic scenery. 

Like late and first indigenous Vice President H. Too Wesley, William V.S. Tubman and William R. Tolbert, they all looked to the West and found their missing ribs. Oh whao! A piece of amorous history of socialization. 

This author must have taken a cue from three former Liberian leaders and of course made an unmistaken pitch for one of the best after. Kemah Carter-Wesley is not just the love of my life, she's also that perfect match of my entirety. A smart,  brilliant,  charming,  industrious and results oriented persona.

We call ourselves from Cape to Cape as in "Cape Mount to Cape Palmas; two beautiful seashore along the Atlantic Ocean. In our Marylanderness, while we take pride in the special Vai delicacy,  our darling wife matches it all with a spectacular blend of the "palm butter-ness in our Grebo-ness. There is absolutely no competition in which delicacy matters as a family. Indeed we unreservedly love cassava leaves but Kemah proves heartily endearing amid the infusion of the road to Cape Palmas. 

For the couple of years,  Kemah Carter-Wesley has dutifully served as a Secretary George of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association of Cape Mountainians in the Americas (NACA). In the capacity as Chief Scribe, Kemah selflessly, and proficiently exercised her duties and functions as professionally as expeditiously consistent with her Terms of Reference (TOR).

In this uniquely critical role, Kemah Carter-Wesley was meticulously observed and closely followed in terms of work ethics, the scrupulous execution of assigned tasks and or special responsibilities with unbridled diligence. She has always proved to be outstanding and remarkable in swiftly meeting deadlines in order to bring pride to and honor to NACA and Liberia. 

It was therefore on account of Kemah Carter-Wesley's invaluable services to the organization that the National leadership of NACA on Saturday,  October 8, 2022 bestowed honor on a distinguished daughter of Cape Mount for her dedicated and humanitarian services to their noble organization and humanity.

It was unspeakably a epoch moment as Kemah Carter-Wesley stepped majestically to receive her award. The little things that matter can no doubt change the world. But we as a family couldn't be surprised after all. Kemah is a leader and trailblazer. She unquestionably a loving and caring family person but more importantly is known for telling it as is. She is the no nonsense General who sees all sides to every question and constantly go after the truth. She combines temper with compassion in the spirit of empathy. Congratulations KCW for your achievement!

Meanwhile,  two other personalities from the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association of Cape Mountainians in the Americas were conferred honor for their invaluable services to humanity. Those also honored include Mr. Gardea Varney Woodson and Mrs. Massa Kanneh Woodson respectively. 


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