Creeping Darkness over the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC): A need to heal the deepening wound to avoid possible crack...

Creeping Darkness over the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC): A need to heal the deepening wound to avoid possible crack...

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) which embodies three collaborating political parties including the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) of former President Charles Ghankay Taylor, the Liberia People Democratic Party( LPDP) and George Weah led Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) certainly risks a possible crack and could incur a serious political injury, if and when the creeping political darkness and turbulence that have the possibility to further disintegrate the Coalition is not urgently healed or neutralized to allow an unhindered flow of the coalition ahead of the renewal of the Coalition Agreement as well as the renewal of its registration with the National Elections Commission on or before November 20, 2022, in lieu of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections. The political ground is shaking and opposition political parties are on their heels turning the political wheel to enter the power kingdom to capture the throne from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Doubtlessly, the fight intensifies by the day, hour and minute. The fight has its colors as glaring as the colors of the rainbow that are instantly measurable from far and bear distances. The fight demands the might of a cohesive collaboration, if and when desired victory is to be achieved, especially for the Coalition who possesses the political garment, throne and crown.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) who currently wears the crown cannot afford to end up as a one term ruling government which is the vow of its determined oppositions. To retain the crown and throne it SHOULD and MUST not stand in the way of the hostile wind. It must change the ugly habit of siphoning lion's share of the political cake.

It must respect the interest of other members of the Coalition consistent with the Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed to give birth to it. In particular the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) must cease seeing itself as the political alpha and omega as it is flying upon borrowed wings. It must stop imagining itself as indispensable in the game because the victory whose fruits it currently enjoys came as the result of the support of other political parties in the coalition, particularly the National Patriotic Party (NPP), whose political image, name and fame remain BOLDLY written on the wall and form part of the DNA of the over 75% of Liberians who elected the NPP in 1997. It must understand that Coalition is like the forest whose members are equally important. It must learn from the generosity of the bees’ family whose members equally enjoy the honey after it is created jointly.

It is needless to use third ear or eye to hear or see and understand that the Coalition is a joint asset or investment whose shareholders have equity within and SHOULD AND MUST have right to its entitled dividend. It goes to say that there is dissatisfaction, disenchantment and discomfort that have the capacity to disintegrate the political foundation of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and if these problems are not tackled with soberness could make the CDC a one term ruling party as vowed by the opposition simply because the political cake is not being proportionally shared as sincerity to live up to reality is deeply questioned.

Six years have almost elapsed and the lion's share of the cake remains in the mouth of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) with no sign to let the NPP have its just share of the political cake. Six years is almost gone and the NPP with all of its political assets and commitment which led the birth of the Coalition as a ruling government of Liberia is yet to get a cabinet Ministers, head of public corporation or ambassadorial positions, and least to say county Superintendent positions in the CDC government. Such behavior, can safely be described as calculated greed, political evil and an act of self-destruction. It can also be described as challenging the legs upon which the entire body stands. Perhaps, The CDC thought six years was like a century. So it kept eating the yolk and never thought that it was hurting the souls of those who aided her to get to where she is today.

There's bellowing noise in the camp of the NPP as the result of the intensified disenchantment same to be orchestrated by very influential individuals within to suppress the NPP on order to breakdown it's political foundation to achieve a hidden political plot which is to the knowledge of the partisans of the NPP.

Accusing fingers are pointed at some members of the former James P. Biney Administration whom they say received huge financial benefits from former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to unseat the Standard Bearer of the NPP and reward influential partisans recommended by Senator James P. Biney with jobs at the same time intentionally keeping the party into perpetual conflict to run its committed partisans to the Congress for Democratic Change in search of greener pastures so that by now the NPP will be of no political relevance to the Coalition, even though the political agreement spelled out appreciated benefits for each constituent party but NPP is yet to get its fair share of the government unlike LPDP a non-factor constituent party to the Coalition Agreement.

To conclude, the CDC MUST and SHOULD, without any delay, recognize, endorse and work with the new leadership elected by the majority of the 638 delegates at the recent convention headed by Cllr. Stanley S. Kparkillen, a successful political icon and a seasoned lawyer tested and processed politician who knows where to begin, how to begin and the formula that can certainly lead to victory. It is about time the CDC recognize its shortcomings, limitations as being a political dwarf so that it can begin to see the way forward. She needs to closely align itself with the NPP who understands the political game and its golden rules long before the CDC could surface on the political platform. The CDC should behave like the cook that never underestimates the strength of the salt that makes him/her to prepare a delicious food. The CDC needs to skillfully and consciously pass the ball to its teammates and bid farewell to the taste of greed and selfishness that has and continues to make her appear ugly in the eyes of the public. Remember the voice of the majority represents the voice of God. Otherwise the CDC political foundation will certainly get ruptured by the Creeping Darkness that hangs over the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) if speedy and concrete actions are not taken to heal the deepening wound to avoid possible crack!


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