Indeed, we must do more in the Agriculture Sector

A key observation by a leading farmer in Lofa County regarding poverty reduction and making our country, Liberia self-sufficient in food production must be taken very seriously by the Government of Liberia(GoL) and all stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

Mr. Kawala Galemah, a large-scale agriculturist, who is engaged in rice, coffee, cocoa and oil palm production in Kolahun District, Lofa County sometimes ago advised that if government officials and stakeholders take the lead and get involved in agricultural activities, the ordinary citizens and local farmers too will be encouraged to engage in the sector.

According to Galemah, this will also help provide job opportunities for many unskilled Liberians, thereby helping to reduce poverty and at the same time make Liberia self-sufficient in food and cash crops production.

While appealing to government, the local and international partners to provide support to local farmers across the country, the top Lofa farmer added that many ordinary Liberians, especially those in the rural areas, are willing to make farms, but noted that the lack of adequate support for local farmers has always been a serious challenge.

Indeed, agriculture is the key to poverty reduction, and hence, government and all stakeholders must leave no stone unturned in doing more in the agriculture sector of the country.

Liberia is blessed with fertile soil and that despite the many economic and other challenges Liberians must make maximum use of the many opportunities the country has by getting involved in agricultural activities that will help improve their livelihood.

When local farmers are adequately supported by government and partners, and government officials and stakeholders get involved in agriculture, it will help reduce the hardship Liberians are currently faced with because many job opportunities will be created.

While we sincerely acknowledge some of the strides the government, local and international partners have made in this drive, investing more in the agriculture sector and empowering local farmers will bring relief to the struggling economic and help make the country self-sufficient in food production.

It is hoped that the government and the stakeholders will take into serious consideration the observation by the top Lofa farmer for the betterment of the country.


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