Stop being used by Politicians to serve as conduit to instigate violence!!

In series of our past editorials, we strongly detested violence as a means of solving grievances, because, like we pointed out, violence does not solve problem, but rather it exacerbates it.

This means that everyone must always spurn violence irrespective of political, religious and social differences, and thread the path of peace in addressing whatever grievances we may have.

Our renewed caution is predicated on the July 26 Political Violence in Monrovia involving the two rival groups purporting to be Students of the University of Liberia campus-based Students Unification Party (SUP).

The July 26 Political Violence in Monrovia has been widely condemned, especially the distasteful act of violence meted out against Christopher Sivili, with calls on the Government of Liberia(GoL) to leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators to justice so as to deter others from engaging into such unwarranted act.

In a well circulated video on the social media, 22 year-old Christopher Sivili, who is a member of the Central Committee of SUP, was seen being mobbed, tortured and stripped naked by the perpetrators of the condemned act.
Many wondered why state security did not move in, when the act of violence was streamed live on various social media platforms.
While we wholeheartedly welcome the swift condemnation by political, governmental, and civil society actors of the said violent act, we, on the other hand, encourage all political leaders to act firmly in preventing and eliminating political intolerance and violence in the country.
Likewise, we admonish all young people, students and campus based organizations, including SUP to denounce violence and always seek the path of peace in solving disputes or expressing their concerns or grievances.

It is about time that the young people stop being used by politicians for their selfish interests to serve as conduit to instigate violence, which has no place in any civilized society.
Liberia has a record of free, fair, and transparent elections over the last two decades, making this country an example of stability and democracy in the region.
Like we repeatedly stated, violence is not the right way to resolve disputes. Political differences should be resolved by dialogue.
To this end, we encourage all actors to act responsibly and embrace the principles of tolerance, democracy, and constitutionalism for an inclusive, transparent and peaceful election process in Liberia 2022-2023.


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