We must do nothing to undermine our sustained peace and stability!!

Before the outbreak of Liberia’s bloody armed conflict in 1989, the country was regarded as one of the most peaceful nations and a beacon of hope on the African Continent.

The unpresented armed conflict, which lasted for over decade, was occasioned by the wanton destruction of precious lives and infrastructures as well as the displacement of over one million people. 

As a result of the insecurity and fear created by the political brouhaha, the once peaceful Liberian nation, which yesterdays played host to dozens of pioneers of African Redemption, including the late President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, forfeited many development packages from most, if not all of the civilized nations, particularly the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and others.  

The situation was further compounded by the inability of Liberia’s successive post-war leaders to demonstrate high degree of transparency and accountability of the country’s meager resources.

Considering the hostile environment of the Liberian nation during the war years, these civilized nations feared that investing enormously in the reconstruction of the country would have been worthless.

However, few countries, including the United States of America contributed to the reconstruction of the country. But most of those development objectives were one way or the other thwarted due to the intermittent conflicts that engulfed the Liberian nation at the time.

Interestingly, owing to the level of improved security and peace brought via the diligent efforts of the international community coupled with the ushering in of democratically elected governments in succession, many inhabitants of the country have since begun building their shattered lives in a peaceful atmosphere. The United Nations, the United State and the Chinese Government as well as donor countries from Europe and other places have been heavily involved in the rebuilding processes of Liberia, as this is evidenced by the reconstruction of public schools, hospitals, markets, roads, among others.

In nearly all of the 15 counties, these development efforts appear to be predicated upon the presence of peace and stability in the country. This is why it is very important for all well-meaning Liberians both home and abroad to join the ongoing efforts aimed at consolidating the high earned peace and stability of our beloved country, Liberia, which many years ago, was considered as a “failed stated” state.

To this end, we must do nothing to undermine the peace and stability of our country, which we consider as our only common denominator.

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