His Most Rev. Dr. Victor Moses Olasemojo, preaching during the Thanksgiving and  Message Reading at the  Cathedral, 52 Center Street in Monrovia on Sunday, August 28, 2022 His Most Rev. Dr. Victor Moses Olasemojo, preaching during the Thanksgiving and  Message Reading at the  Cathedral, 52 Center Street in Monrovia on Sunday, August 28, 2022

To avert military uprising, others in Liberia, 7-Day Fast and Prayers recommended -consecration of the Executive Mansion insight

The head of the Church of the Lord in Liberia, which commonly known as the Church of the Lord Aladura, World-wide, His Most Rev. Dr. Victor Moses Olasemojo, has revealed that Liberia needs serious prayer against military uprising, commotion and civil unrest before the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections and during the Elections as well.

Preaching on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at a Thanksgiving Service and  Message Reading at the  Cathedral, 52 Center Street in Monrovia, Rev. Dr. Olasemojo said 7-Day Fast and Prayers for the nation of Liberia should observed in the month of January 2023.

The Thanksgiving Service and Message Reading were part of the activities, which marked the conclusion of the Church Annual Festival, which is referred to as Tabierorar,

During this season the Church undergoes a period of 13 days fast and prayers. The Tabieora Fasting is simultaneously conducted around the world. During this year’s Tabierorar, Rev. Dr. Olasemojo and his team of ministers ascended the Tabierorar Mount in Paynesville, Red Light, outside Monrovia and had 13 days fasting and prayers and climaxed it on Monday, August 22 at 12 noon.

Preaching further, Rev. Dr. Olasemojo told his congregation that the revelation about Liberia, which he described as Devine, was contained in a message from the Holy Mount of Tabieora, recalling that ‘‘during the period on the Mount, we saw a message that the Heaven opens and the entire Mount was covered with the pillar of fire that started falling on the Mountain and we heard a voice saying I am him and I am here with you. I have come to shower my blessing upon my people’’.

In addition to the 7-Day Fast and Prayers for the nation of Liberia, the head of the Church of the Lord in Liberia, disclosed that the Lord also revealed to him that the Executive Mansion should be consecrated during fasting and prayer session.

The Executive Mansion of Liberia is the official residence and workplace of the country's president, which is located across the street from the Capitol Building in the Capitol Hill district of Monrovia.

‘‘Furthermore, the Lord said we should warn the youths of this country not to be misled by some politicians that will lead to rebellious activities in the country. The Lord said as a result of this year’s Tabierora the Church of the Lord Liberia Province will experience blessings, victory, healing and breakthrough through the length and breadth of the Church. There will be more testimonies in the lives of our members. They should increase their faiths by paying thighs so as to receive blessings from the God of Holy Mount Tabierora. The barren women will conceive and bring forth good new children from this year’s Tabierora. The Lord further said pregnant women need to be assisted in prayers so as to avoid miscarriages. The Lord said they should undergone three days of holy bath and drink more of holy water for safe and sound delivery,’’ the outspoken clergyman further told his congregation amid tremendous from the.

He continued: ‘‘Serious consecration needed against fire disasters in the country. Prayers be observed to avert the disasters, the children should be assisted in prayers and all of the children in our churches branches should observe three days of spiritual bath. Pray against activities of armed robbers, communal crisis, unfavorable climate conditions that will lead to outbreak of sickness, let seven days prayers be held to advert the situation. The Lord said in the month October we should assist the country in prayers against political tensions, the Lord said the people should be mindful and careful. Politicians should prioritize the peace of the nation and not prioritize self-interest against the nation. The Lord said many prayers wishes will be fulfilled, businesses will flourish, there will reconciliation between broken homes. The month of December there will be celebrations, people will rejoice and people should be glad. There should be three days fasting and prayers and all will be well, the purpose of this is to advert accidents.’’

Meanwhile, Rev. Dr. Olasemojo informed members of his Church that the 2022 Tabieora under theme: Supernatural Breakthrough will work in their own way of domain.

He decreed that in the name of Jesus Christ the theme will work in their lives.

He explained Supernatural is something beyond the natural, asserting that there is no impossibility with God.

‘‘People may look down at you but they will soon come to you It shall be well with you, in matrimony homes, businesses . From today, your story will change. From today it shall be well, all obstacles, hurdles shall be well. Today it will happen in your families, work places , today it will happen in your environment. Breakthrough From now whether the devil likes it or not you will move forward in the mighty name of Jesus,’’ Rev. Dr. Olasemojo, among other things, assured them.

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