My second term bid experience/advice

Dear Liberians

When I was President of the BWI Alumni Association for two and a half terms, my team performed so well in our first term that we didn’t have to run a rigorous campaign for re-election.

Our re-election for a second term was just a formality. We were simply endorsed by the entire membership, seeing what we had done in the first term.

The way we performed in the first term was our campaign tool for re-election. Therefore, I didn’t have to use the association’s money, sending people from one chapter to another bribing people, campaigning for re-election. No, I didn’t.

The association’s members knew and saw the progress we had made in the first term. The secret was as soon as we were sworn-in by Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, then Vice President of Liberia and staunch supporter of BWI, we hit the ground running. We didn’t spend the first few weeks playing and celebrating.

 We started tackling problems that had kept the association down for years; and so within the first three months of our election, we had a lot to show. People, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, were impressed. So my advice to anyone wishing to run any serious organization is: Don’t take your first term for a joke.

That way, you won’t bend backwards, spending here and there to seek re-election. If you see people spending too much for re-election, it means they themselves are not so pleased with their first term performance.

This can be applied even at the national level. Our national leaders should take a cue from this. It’s like the game of football. In a football match, you don’t joke in your first half.  You try to score the goals in the first half so that if the second half gets tough, you can simply rely on and defend the first half goals and you will go on to win. Have I made sense this morning? If I have, publish and share this piece  as many times as possible.


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