Some of the beneficiaries & NSEC staff carrying out eye surgery Some of the beneficiaries & NSEC staff carrying out eye surgery

In Lofa: NSEC, Samaritan Purse end Eye Healthcare Service

The New Sight Eye Center (NSEC) in partnership with Samaritan Purse International – Liberia has concluded a weeklong eye healthcare service in Lofa County.

The eye healthcare service was carried out in five communities in Lofa County including Bolahun, Kamatahun, Foya Boma, Foya Tengia and Kolahun.

According to NSEC Executive Director, Robert F. Dolo, a total of 1,447 individuals including children benefited from the free eye examination, refraction, medications, glasses, and eye health educations by the eye health workers.

Mr. Dolo’s figure shows of those screened, 801 were female and 646 were male; while cases detected among those screened and treated, 258 were cataract, 398 refractive errors, 97 Glaucoma, 35 were pterygium as well as other posterior segment problems were 21 with 489 conjunctivitis and other eye conditions were 149.

He indicated that cases operated constitute 219 individuals of which 106 were female and 113 were male and out of the 219 cases operated, 187 were cataracts, 31 were pterygium and 1 was chalazion.

He said the team which conducted the free eye healthcare service comprised of health promoters, mobilizers, ophthalmic nurses, optometry technicians, surgeons and theater nurse.

Mr. Dolo stated that the Health Ministry through the National Eye Health Program Manager was fully involved and was supportive during the process and logistical and financial support was provided by Samaritan’s Purse International – Liberia to New Sight Eye Center (NSEC) that conducted the entire activities.

To ensure that people in the Lofa County benefit from the service, patients were also transported from two districts (Foya and Kolahun) at the Hospital for eye operations.

Mr. Dolo further praised the Lofa County Health Team and the Kolahun Hospital Management Team for being very supportive by providing their operating rooms and wards for the operated patients.

The NSEC Center Executive Director disclosed that the project goal in Lofa County was to create awareness and reduce the prevalence of cataract blindness and visual impairment amongst residents in that County.

Mr. Dolo pointed out that the project was to screen 500 individuals and treat those with eye conditions and performed 150 persons with cataract and other operable eye conditions.

It could be recalled that in 2018, under the leadership of Mr. Robert F. Dolo, New Sight Eye Center developed a proposal with title Access to Eye Health through Rural Community Medical and Surgical Outreach and submitted it to Samaritan Purse International, Liberia office for an in-Country Eye Health Mission.

After submission of all legal and required documents, the proposal was approved for implementation in collaboration with the National Eye Health Program at Ministry of Health 2019.

Since project commencement to date, we have performed 1,856 eye operated, screened and treated 15,493 persons reaching 49 communities in 8 Countries.

The first outreach was conducted in River Cess County. Since the beginning of 2022 up to present, under the project we have provided services in Sinoe, Nimba and Lofa Counties.

New Sight Eye Center clinical or facility based eye services started in 2010 at the S.D. Cooper Community, Paynesville in a two bed rooms building.
It started with a dispensary, visual acuity area and a consulting room screening at least 5 persons daily.

Today, there are multiple sub- offices which include: OPD waiting area, record room, cashier room, visual acuity area, dispensary, 4 consulting rooms, diagnostic room, stock room, dressing room.

Its mission is to promote quality eye health care through the provision of comprehensive services gear towards the prevention of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of those irreversibly blinded, while its goal is to provide accessible, affordable, comprehensive and quality eye health care services for people living in Liberia and core values are to Equity, Sustainable, Excellence, Decentralization, Partnership (Accountability), Integration and Evidence based advocacy.

In bridging the gap and creating routine access to eye health care, a rural Community Medical and Surgical Eye Health Intervention fully sponsored by Samaritan Purse International Liberia, was carried out by New Sight Eye Center in Lofa County. Patients were screened, diagnosed and treated for various eye conditions in five (5) communities. Patients were transported from two districts (Foya and Kolahun) at the Hospital for eye operations.


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