MOH launches Emergency Care System Assessment

MOH launches Emergency Care System Assessment

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO)-Liberia Country Office, has introduced the Emergency Care Systems (ECS) for strengthening the emergency care systems in Liberia.

The launch of the ECS was held at the Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. The gathering brought together doctors from around the country specialized in different field, stakeholders, government officials, policy advisers and representative from the First Lady's Office owing to the critical national concern. 

The collaboration with the WHO plans to develop a system-level strategic and operational plan for emergency and critical care strengthening consensus potential to reduce death and disability in Liberia through improvements in the ECS.

The ECS is an assessment that is being developed by the WHO and its partners for helping little middle income countries to have a complete situation analysis for the their emergency care system and how to improve it.

This came about over a year ago after the COVID-19 outbreak where the Ministry of Health engaged the WHO for help in time of emergency.

The goal is to develop consensus-based action priorities for strengthening the emergency care system in Liberia using results from the WHO Emergency Care System Assessment Tool (ECSA). These action priorities will be used to guide development of a countrywide implementation plan. The group will also review the WHO ESCA results and identify gaps in the Liberia ECS,  build consensus on action priorities based on the WHO ECSA results and identify resources and stakeholders key to ECS strengthening in Liberia.

Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah remarked that with the fast moving pace of modernization and development, Liberia will need a strong system in place to tackle the disadvantages that could follow.

 She named the construction and expansion of new roads from Monrovia to Nimba, the on going Roberts International Airport(RIA) Highway rehabilitation, the rise in commercial motorcycles, tricycle (kehkeh) and many more as key issues that must be taken into serious consideration.

"We would need adequate ambulance and emergency department manned by skills practitioners for proper pre- hospital and in-hospital care," she maintained.

"On behalf of the President, Dr. George Manneh Weah and myself as Minister of Health, I do assure you and your team of Liberia's fullest cooperation to strengthening basic emergency care services throughout the length and breadth of this nation. We thank you for coming to our call and for making so much effort to see first-hand our current situation and dire needs," she added.

Speaking with the media, Dr. Heounohu Hessou, specializing in Emergency medicine in South Africa, said it is a strategic plan to tackle emergency issues with the involvement of everyone contribution on how to protect the Liberian public that provides them access to emergency care.

He stated that the consensus' intent is to find the best solution on how the public can have access to legislation that provides access to some care and hospital care, at the Ministry of Health level and how to have a draft policy to support the emergency care.

"It is first of its kind for policy on emergency care and I think it is important for the public to know that there are efforts being made to improve the system," he pointed out.

Also speaking, the head of media in the Office of the First Lady, Arthur T.K Douglas,  said the First Lady supports and welcomes the consensus through the "She's You" program.

This movement, he indicated, actually supports the under privileges people.

According to him, the First Lady was a month ago at the first dialysis center to see how the system is being setup to help people who are suffering from situation of such.

"She wants me to let you know that these small meetings or infrastructure in the health sector have been built and all represent a significant milestones in government's forward march in providing the needed health care system to cater for the people," Mr. Douglas told the gathering.


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