Monrovia City Mayor Mr. Jefferson Koijee. Monrovia City Mayor Mr. Jefferson Koijee.

MCC, MoH to Launch Door-To-Door COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise

Efforts by the Government of Liberia (GoL) to flatten the curve of the coronavirus disease, thus eradicating it entirely from the country, are well underway as the Monrovia City Government in partnership with the Ministry of Health has announced plans to begin a robust vaccination outreach campaign.

The campaign will target various communities to ensure that if not everyone but a reasonable portion of the country’s population is inoculated.  
"We want to deploy 20,000 people for this campaign, and we are going to move to all universities, high schools, churches, mosques, hospitals, clinics, intellectual forums, market places, among others, to ensure that every citizen is vaccinated in order for us to be save,” said the Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee.
It can be recalled that on Sunday, July 25, 2021 Liberia received 302,400 doses of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccines.
On August 20, 2021 Liberia received again the second batch of 96,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccines to ensure that those who earlier received the first dose complete their second dose. 
“We mobilized 8,500 human beings during the first wave of the Covid-19 in this city for case finding in the various communities and awareness purposes through the help of the President, traditional and religious leaders, among others, and we were successful in raising awareness, and we worked very hard even though people taught that we could not pay those people, but we did,” said Mayor Koijee.
Speaking at the Monrovia City Hall recently when the Monrovia City government organized a dinner in observance of President George M. Weah 55th birth anniversary, Koijee encouraged Liberians to take the vaccines to enhance the country’s effort against the COVID-19.
He called on Liberians who are creating fear and panic among the people by spreading fake information about the vaccines to desist from such, adding, “this is not politics, this is been deceptive and evil, you cannot continue to put information on social media that is not the truth, because to make people live in fear is wrong.”
"We are calling on the Liberia National Police to be more robust and vigilant to go after those who are creating fear within Liberians. I was told that there are more good people than bad people in Liberia and it is about time for the good people to stand up to protect the country from the bad people who are projecting evil on our country,” Mayor Koijee emphasized.
“If you say people are being killed, why is it that the family members are not coming up or reporting these issues to the police,” Koijee wondered, noting that “after politics we all must think about our country, nobody is here forever as there were people before us and there will be people after us, so we are just working in our little space, and you don't have to break City Hall down because you don't like me and the current leadership.
Koijee further encouraged Liberians to begin working together because the Liberian people spoke loudly during the 2017 and the 2020 midterm elections in Montserrado County.
“In my life time if I can't do anything to make an impact in this country, I should be able to contribute to ensure that reconciliation is achieved,” he maintained.


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