The Late Alli Sheriff Lying Unconscious The Late Alli Sheriff Lying Unconscious

3 Police Officers Ordered Rearrested In Connection With Alli Sheriff’s Death

Monrovia, Liberia: The Government of Liberia (GoL), through the Ministry of Justice, Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has released the autopsy report on the remains of the Alli Sheriff, a truck driver.

The autopsy report, which was released at a special news conference held at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, described the death of the late Alli Sheriff as unnatural due to the blunt force injury to the back of his head.

Sheriff, according to the report, met his untimely death after a brief scuffle with three police officers, which resulted in severe flogging, which rendered him unconscious.

The tussle between Sheriff and the officers allegedly began after they refused to release his vehicle, which they had earlier parked on grounds that the vehicle had a faulty headlight. The argument escalated and ended up in a fight.

“I have been informed by eyewitness that a Police officer, named Sackor, asked Sheriff to leave his office at the LNP Depot at LPRC Junction, but he insisted that his car should be released by the police as in the case of the many other cars with the same condition,” said one Mohammed Sheriff, a friend of the deceased. “That’s how they got into a fight. The fight was between my friend and Sackor before the two other police officers came in and in the process he was seriously hit and he became unconscious. He was rushed at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Sinkor, Monrovia where he was pronounced dead by doctors on arrival.” He averred.

Accordingly, speaking at the special news conference at MICAT yesterday, Acting Justice Minister, Cllr. Nyenati Tuan, said the Ministry has ordered the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to rearrestthe officers in connection with the death of Allie Sheriff.

Cllr. Tuan said the officers to be re-arrested are Samuel N. Borbor, Harris Monger and Alexander Seakour.

He mentioned that the suspects will be processed will be processed in 48hrs and sent to court.

“Having received the information, the Ministry of Justice ordered the Liberian National Police to arrest and conduct preliminary investigation of the alleged suspects. They were kept in detention in keeping with the statutory period at the police headquarters,” Cllr. Tuan pointed out.

However, the acting Justice Minister stated that consistent with Article 21 (F) of the Liberian Constitution of 1986, the suspects were released in keeping with the Constitution and human rights best standards to individuals having moral influence over them and to appear when requested.

He assured the public that all will be done to ensure that justice is dispensed without prejudice.

Tuesday’s press conference brought together Liberia’s Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, Deputy Inspector General Inspector for Crime Services Department atthe Liberia National Police, Mr. Prince Mulbah and others.
Meanwhile, Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, said the government continues to strive to make Liberia a better place for everyone.

Minister Rennie asserted that the justice system around the world is not 100% perfect, but the public concern has been establishing the circumstances surrounding the death of Alli Sheriff, which the government has done.

It can be recalled that on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, officers of the Liberia National Police went on the offensive to disperse protesters who took the street to protest against police brutality, and lawless behavior that led to the death of Alli Sheriff.

Seeing injustice, the driver’s family mobilized hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds to converge at the headquarters of the LNP, demanding an impartial investigation into the death of the driver and for the police leadership to do more to combat police brutality.

The victims' family was joined by lots of people who claimed to have been victims of police brutality and railed against what they said are limited investigations not only in the Sheriff's death, but other cases of police brutality.
At the police headquarters, the protestors, most of whom came from Gardnersville and Bushrod Island, were violently dispersed with force and teargas.

The protesters later moved toward the main entrance of the Temple of Justice, which houses the Supreme Court of Liberia and lower courts and broke through the gate, disrupting normal court proceedings. No property was reportedly destroyed in the incident, but their presence and blaring of motorbike horns, as well as chanting, disrupted activities, creating panic among judicial staff for nearly five hours.

The police action resulted in the arrest of scores of protesters. However, there were no reports of any serious injuries.

The protest action, although peaceful, led to activities on Capitol Hill at a standstill until after their removal by police, at which time calm was restored.

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