Author: Rev. Urias B. Dixon, Sr. Author: Rev. Urias B. Dixon, Sr.


 First of all, what is the Bible's stand on racism? Did God ever repudiate racism? What breeds racism? For all of our scholars both spiritual and non- spiritual- has it crossed your minds that we are dealing with something that is rooted in the spirit? Racism begins with jealousy that turns into hatred.

What is racism? Racism is our behavior and perception directed against someone of a different race with the notion that the individual's own race is better than the other. The story of Caine and Abel is very fascinating. Why would Caine abruptly turn on his brother and kill him. Who was responsible for Caine's action? This is where jealousy all begins on the earth and later brews into what is known as racism. God's behavior towards Caine was wrong. Did God tell Caine the kind of sacrifice he wanted or preferred (Genesis 4:1-16)?

God's promise of multiple nations through Abraham is another that promotes racism in the world. Why will God select a certain group of people to be his beloved and chosen people? How would this be called today if one race is considered highly over other races? Again we find prejudism, antagonism, nepotism, all within this group that spreads throughout the ancient world to this very day.

The writers of Biblical history subjugated the black race as a nonessential and cursed race. And if God is a God of justice then all of what is happening now should have been prohibited. God is responsible for racism because He condones racism. The Jews are the most racists of all races.

What white people are doing is the continuation of what their ancestors did in the past. Black race is the original inhabitants of the earth. How best to calm the black man for abuses he endured is to introduce white beliefs through his religion called christianity. He made all of the actors of the Bible white including Jesus Christ. God is responsible for racism.

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