Renowned Liberian Lawyer Cllr. Jallah Barbu Renowned Liberian Lawyer Cllr. Jallah Barbu

  Cllr. Barbu launches campaign for LNBA Presidency

Barely weeks after declaring his intention to contest the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) Election, Cllr. Jallah A. Barbu, recently launched his campaign for the presidency with a vow to serve the institution diligently. 

At the official launch, Cllr Barbu said he brings a record of integrity, track record of fruitful results, knowledge, experience, indispensable character and commitment to the Republic of Liberia.

Dr. Barbu asserted that he has developed three principles where a platform will be built, such as leading responsibly, serving professionally and engaging holistically.

According to him, if elected President of the LNBA, he will lead responsibly. 

He indicated that the president is not the leadership of the Bar rather the Bar has a corpse of officers and executive committee members to ensure the wellbeing of the association, that which he will ensure.

The renowned Liberian lawyer said this will be done through engagement and respect for everyone view. “We will conduct the Bar’s activities by engaging lawyers and partners of the Bar,” the Liberian lawyer pointed out.

He urged the Bar to work with decision makers at all levels of the government processes, but maintain the independence and integrity of the Association.
As a leader of innovation and integrity, Cllr. Barbu promised that the association will maintain a relationship with the three branches of government in particular the Supreme Court of Liberia in ensuring that the Bar is not compromised.

"I will be a regular worker and for what reason I will give 60% of my active working hours to the Bar and maintain an office," he stated.

The LNBA Presidential hopeful furthered that his professional services to lawyers will not only be on those that are active, but also those who have an issue and have distanced themselves from the Bar.

Doing so, he intoned that the leadership will be involved in making the association robust.

"I will support and stand with equal decision from the association for the betterment of Liberia. Information, which are key in any given institution and association, will be one of my main targets. Engagement with a website developer has already begun as I speak,” continued Cllr. Barbu.

“The Bar is not going to be a Monrovia based association but Liberia based Association. The Bar needs to ensure that local bar associations are empowered not only by policies, but by action and reality,” he, among other things, added.


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