Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, speaking at a special press conference in Monrovia Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, speaking at a special press conference in Monrovia

Information Minister Opens Up - Detests “Politics of Demonization” Featured

Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, has warned those he considers as critics of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led Government to desist from what he termed as “demonizing” the country from what it is not.

According to Minister Rennie, it is saddened for religious leaders who are supposed to lead with example to fabricate lies against a government that is working hard for its economic growth and sustainable developments for its citizens.

Minister Rennie, who speaking in Monrovia on Friday, October 8, 2021 at a special press conference held at the Ministry of the Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism(MICAT) on Capitol Hill, Monrovia, assertions came barely a week when the head of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu K. Brown alarmed over the reported increase of “ritualistic killings” within the length and breadth of the country.

“It hurts; it hurts that our religious community will join the politics about deniability. That if it is not me, then it is not them, has to stop. There must be a point that it has to stop. After carrying on your politics of self-interest and culture of wickedness and yet, we want the country to change overnight.

Our record will be judged today including some of us who say that the government is corrupt. If you generally brand the country with grudge, with no evidence or a petty evidence to show, that is because of self-serving interest as opposed to the masses interest. It has to stop; it has to stop. Because at the end of the day, it will take the country down the gains that have been made,” Minister Rennie, who left no stone unturned in what has been described as his outbursts, further asserted.

“When people in society who many look up to begin to carry petti lies, then who else should we look up to. When the politic is getting nastier, who will call who to stop, where is the principles of the late Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis and others of the Inter- Religious council of Liberia that fought so hard to sustain the peace, where are they to beat sense into our heads. We are not doing any good to Liberia, but hurting the country and Liberians. Why demonize the country to what it is not,” the Liberia’s Information Minister queried, while averring that the politics of demonization is the reason why Liberia’s progress has been retarded for years,

The MICAT) boss, on the other hand, cautioned his fellow Liberians to desist from spewing misinformation and negative propagandas against the Weah-led Government.

He rallied Liberians to rise above the fray and denounce acts mainly by members of the opposition to paint an image to the outside world that Liberia is a fragile nation and that the nation under the current ruling establishment is going down the drain.

He told Liberians that in the quest to promote democratization by the Government of Liberia, citizens from all walks of life must unite against the politics of deception and machination, noting that everyone has a role to play in the struggle to improve the nation.

“Think about your call to national duty when you talk about your country, that is called patriotism,” said Min.  Rennie.

The Minister of Information observed that out of personal political aggrandizement, some Liberians are bent on the spread of negativity against the Weah-led Government not knowing that they are doing harm and injuring the reputation of Liberia.

He reminded Liberians to jealously guide the reputation and character of their country by talking about the nation in such a way that will bring about solutions to the state’s problem.

Minister Rennie is of the opinion that Liberia is not problem-free or that all is not rosy here, however, and regarded of the subsisting political differences he wants all Liberians to work along with the government to help take care of the poor and educate the needy.

He wondered as to what is preventing members of the opposition from working along with the government. He claimed that some members of the opposition are noted for having personal hate for Liberia and as such they will go to any extreme to vilify the nation.

In recollection, the spokesman of the Liberian Government mentioned how President Weah contributed his services during the regime of President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf by working as a Peace Ambassador, a post which, according to him, was well served by the current Liberian leader.

“We have to rise above the fray, the discourse has to be refined,” said Minister, stressing that that the politics of deception, or pretending not to know will do nothing for Liberia but only tear the nation apart.

Meanwhile, Minister Rennie called on Liberians to celebrate the Liberian Leader, who according to him, has made significant impacts in the lives of many Liberians and has also contributed immensely to the development and democracy of Liberia.

He described President, Weah, his boss, as a man of peace, bragging that he(President Weeah) loves Liberia.  




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