T- Five Academy graduates 266 Senior High School Students

T- Five Academy graduates 266 Senior High School Students

Two hundred and sixty-six senior high school students attending the Thomas P. Fallah Institute of Academic and Vocational Education on September 30, 2022, received high school diplomas upon completion of their studies.

The 7th graduation ceremony took place at the Emmett Diggs Memorial Hall in Neezoo Community and brought together excited parents, family members, alumni of the school, staff, fiends and well-wishers of the graduates.

Urias S. Goll, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID -Conservation and a Representative Hopeful of Electoral District #5 Montserrado County, who served as guest speaker at the occasion, urged graduates to push forward.

"From this day forward, never see your degree or certificate as a means to acquire job, fit in a particular social class, or for public display.

"You must only seek education to grow your life and knowledge of the field for which you have chosen. Incontrovertibly, those who view and value education for the next available job do make any change in society, the country or field and are never remembered for the work they do.

Mr. Goll at the same time called on the graduates not to choose a profession because of money.

"Don’t choose a profession because that is where the money is! Most people who pick a profession to make impact are the ones who succeed most at it", he emphasized.

James F.M Fallah, valedictorian of the class of 2021/2022, called on his fellow graduates to pursue higher education, building on the quality of foundation received at the T- Five Academy.

“I can proudly say that we are fully prepared to compete for academic excellence in any higher institution of learning both at home and abroad. Thanks to T-Five Academy for the knowledge acquired,” Fallah said.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Director at the institution, Representative Thomas P. Fallab congratulated the graduates of the Class of 2021/2022 and thanked the faculty, administration team and staff, on behalf of the leadership team of the company.

He concluded: “Graduating from high school is the beginning of a whole new race. To reach your own dream, you must be willing to face the obstacles and seize the opportunities that come with your new race to get a higher education. The world outside of high school, beyond these walls, is not like T-Five Academy, so don't quite in your education sojourn".


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