Buttressing President Weah’s Caution to all Liberians void of politics

When he spoke at the ground of the Executive Mansion at the occasion marking the souvenir program of the National Thanksgiving and Intercession Service in observance of 200 years of existence of the Nation and State of the Republic of Liberia, under the Theme: "Lord We are great”, President George Manneh Weah made a passionate appeal to all Liberians living both home and abroad to rally and unite to a new world of globalization, not permitting politics to divide country.

President Weah, who urged all Liberians to glance beyond the bicentennial into a new world of science and technology, as well as a new world of globalization and a new world where liberty, equality, stability, justice, peace and prosperity under the rule of law are guaranteed for citizens, cautioned all Liberians to reflect on the bountiful blessing of peace and stability which they enjoy today, adding that they should continue to collectively work together to maintain the peace and do everything within their individual powers to nurture and keep alive the spirit of oneness kindness, forgiveness and love for each other and for “our common patrimony Liberia.
The bicentennial celebration, which was observed in early 2022, marked 200 years since the first batch of freed slaves, later known as Americo-Liberians, arrived in Liberia, precisely at Providence Island in Monrovia.
The event was meant to reclaim and herald Liberia’s leadership role in Pan-Africanism, rebrand the country after its recent checkered history, while also celebrating Liberia’s rich cultural heritage and showcasing the vast tourism attraction.
Among other things, the bicentennial commemoration also sought to deepen U.S. -Liberia historic ties and forge stronger economic and social bonds between both peoples, especially the wider diaspora.
For us, we wholeheartedly embrace President Weah’ s caution to all Liberians and encourage everyone irrespective of political, social, religious and other differences to heed what we consider as a good intentioned caution for the betterment of the country.

We had repeatedly stated in series of our previous editorials and commentaries that we, as Liberians, must do nothing to undermine the peace and stability of our country, which we consider as our only common denominator, as doing so will cause us more harm than good.
To this end, we encourage all to heed President Weah’s caution for the enhancement of our beloved country, Liberia void of politics.


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