A view of the graduates A view of the graduates

In Brewerville City, Montserrado County, CPE graduates, certificates several young Kids as Ambassadors of Peace

The Center for Peace Education in Liberia or CPE recently graduated and certificated several young Kids as ambassadors of Peace in Moulton Corner, Brewerville City, Montserrado County.

The ceremony was graced by several youth, parents and community dwellers who helped spread the message of peace in various homes, communities, religious centers, schools and other places across Liberia.

The CPE is a local Liberian non-governmental organization dedicated to building a comprehensive peace building program, while teaching mediation as a means of achieving harmony and a better lives for future generations.

Speaking at the ceremony, CPE’s Director for training, John Cooper, said school going kids were trained for six months in the area of conflict resolution and how they can serve as peace ambassadors in schools and at their homes.

Mr. Cooper challenged the graduates to go out and multiply by encouraging others move from violence to a life style of peace and unity.

CPE’s director believes that it is imperative to teach peace as a way of life not only within the school system but also in the communities that will allow everyone participation.

In the case of Liberia, the 14-year civil war not only resulted in wanton destruction of lives and properties, but also the collapse of core value systems of communities and governance systems.

During most civil wars, the greatest victims are children who not only suffered and experienced unspeakable violence but also see their future destroyed – many becoming refugees or internally displaced, and are sexually exploited and abused.

So when protracted civil war comes to an end, the successful reintegration of these children holds the key to sustainable peace in post-conflict societies.

At the same time, Mr. Cooper called for support in order to extend his initiative in other counties in Liberia aimed at educating youth and parents on the importance of peace.

In remarks, the graduates, each pledged their commitment and vowed to serve as peace ambassadors and discourage conflict among young people.

They also promised to educate their colleagues at schools and homes to promote peace and unity in all of their activities.

To demonstrate our commitment to this noble cause, CPE is currently teaching peace education as a single subject in several grade schools and peer mediation in several local communities in Liberia.

CPE’s efforts are dedicated to teaching young people the underlying causes of violence, both direct and indirect, knowledge and skills needed to identify the symptoms of violence, to resolve conflict peacefully if it arises, and to live a non-violent lifestyle.


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