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First Lady Clar Weah boosts Vocational Skills of Women in Brewerville

Some 100 women in a community in Brewerville, Liberia are benefitting from a skills training program being supported by the country’s First Lady, Clar Weah.

The women of Christian Community in Brewerville, Montserrado County are being provided vocational skills in tailoring, baking, interior decoration and cosmetology, among others.

The chairlady of the community said the initiative is aimed at empowering the women to lead a progressive life.

“We want to help boost the dignity of the women of this area that’s why we are rolling out this program” Madam Angeline Roberts said.

“ With the moral and financial support of the mother of the nation , First lady Clar Marie Weah , we were also able to procure training materials to put the skills training program into motion. “ Added, Mrs. Roberts.

“We wrote the First Lady for assistance and without any hesitation, she graciously responded and what you are witnessing here is a testimony of that support.” Mrs. Roberts explained while speaking in an interview with journalists.

Angeline Roberts said the program also places emphasis on adolescent girls as a way preventing teenage pregnancy.

“Some of our daughters are getting pregnant at a very early age. Some 13, some 14 years old.” Roberts lamented.

“This is troubling. That’s why we are exploring every avenue to reverse this trend by brining into this community a vocational training program.” Madam Roberts enumerated.

In the training hall at the Kings and Queens school in the community, the faces of the women radiated joy.

“We are really excited to be a part of such a program.” Naomi Jeh, a trainee, said beaming with excitement.

“I am here to learn tailoring. “ Jeh added why gazing at a sewing machine.

“When we acquired these skills, they will hopefully help strengthen our financial capacities as we will be able to earn a few dollars “. Jeh mentioned.

“I am hoping to acquire these skills to firstly be able to design a nice shirt for my husband. “ Naomi Jeh said with a chuckle of smiles.

Korto Tamba, a single mother enrolled in the training program said she is hoping to graduate for the vocational training a stronger and a more productive mother.

“When I registered into this program, I did so with a determination to gain meaningful skills that will help me better cater for my baby.” Tamba announced.

Romeria Togba, arguably the youngest student enrolled in the program, said she hopes gain valuable baking skills.

“I learned a bit of banking by observing my Grand Ma. Now I want to improve my skills that’s why I am in this program.”

“I want to be able to bake some nice cakes for my father mother, brothers and sisters.” Romeria explained while holding a baking pan.

Madam Roberts , Chairlady of the Community sounded a clarion call to organizations and individuals of goodwill to community and support their community.

“We look forward to more and more people and organizations coming to help us make this training program sustainable. “

“We are determined to make our community a model community for Brewerville and the rest of Montserrado County.” Disclosed Mrs. Roberts.

“When people talk about Christian Community , previously known as “Back Bush” , they should say that is community that is doing so well by empowering its women and youth . “ She added.

“We want to be progressive reference for other areas.”

Asked what does she see her community being in the next three to four years, Mrs. Roberts answered “The Pride of Brewerville.”


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